OPPO N3 part exposure parameters: suspected electric rotating camera-86DIGIOPPO N3 part parameters of exposure

Sina mobile phones - October 13 morning news, flagship product in the second half of mobile phone manufacturer OPPO N3 will be released on October 29, today, sources told sina mobile phone part parameters of this kind of mobile phone, including 16000000 megapixel camera and 5.5 -inch screen.

Last week, OPPO official N3 release time: on October 29, l&a convention and exhibition center in Beijing, which is local released last year by the OPPO N1 (OPPO to skip the N2 this type), sina mobile phone, to take pictures of N series mobile 1600 megapixel camera is adopted in the second generation product, the sensor for 1/2.3 of an inch, single pixel area reached 1.34 um;Screen size is 5.5 inches, 1080 p resolution (1950 * 1808 pixels), compared with 5.9 in N1, it will be more easy to carry with.

OPPO N1 fuselage on one of the biggest selling point, rotating camera will also be preserved in N3 body, this part will use the imitation leather texture material.Otherwise, the product the rotation of the camera will be electric drive, rather than a generation that manual rotation.

Comprehensive previous rumours, OPPO N3, similar to the appearance of the contour generation but frame adopts 7075 aluminum alloy, strength and hardness are higher than the current commonly used mobile phones of 6061 aluminum alloy;The screen is 5.5 inches;Core hardware Xiao dragon 805 processor, 3 gb of memory, equipment VOOC filling technology, the rotating camera will still be the biggest selling point N series new flagship.