HTC Desire Eye and One M8: who take effect better?

if you’re a self-time addiction, and tried to want to capture every moment of life’s great, then the HTC Desire Eye will be your best choice.13 million pixels dual cameras before and after the configuration, can ensure that take effect completely.

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Tencent digital dispatch (compile:) a lot in the smartphone market, HTC has been quietly doing some of the best Android devices.This spring the phone manufacturers from Taiwan HTC launched its latest flagship model – HTC One M8.Judge, the One M8 is “universal” smartphones, for the majority of users provide a good experience.

And the company another newly released smart phone – HTC Desire Eye, the biggest selling point is its camera design.Perfect take function absolutely able to attract the attention of consumers.However, whether the two HTC smartphone who take effect better?And see it together.

HTC Desire Eye and One M8: who take effect better?


There is no doubt that the biggest difference between these two smart phone also lies in the camera.For the M8, the camera should be the lowest bucket principle.Even if its in the back auxiliary use a camera to record the scene of the “depth of field information”, can achieve photo first focus and focus changed after operation.And also add a unique special effects filters, strengthen the visual impact pictures.But the M8 that only 4 million pixels UltraPixel lens, still can’t help for quality.

HTC, in contrast, the latest release of flagship of cost-effective products HTC Desire EYE before and after the main window is the configuration of the camera.This Desire EYE around the fuselage is equipped with a 13000000 megapixel camera, and at the same time as the lens is equipped with double color LED light, in order to satisfy the demands of various scenarios of autodyne.Support the HDR photos and full 1080 p hd video recording.At the same time, the main camera to f / 2.0 large aperture, 28 mm wide Angle lens.Front-facing camera to f / 2.2 large aperture, 22 mm wide Angle lens, support autofocus zoom.

Its carry EYE experience function mobile phones camera application to new heights.EYE experience support video chat track facial movement, need not move the phone can be accurate to within a certain scope of facial images, which capture capability is not limited to one person, HTC Desire most EYE support four people at the same time to maximize the facial images appear in the video chat dialog, almost can complete the multi-party conference call.In addition, this function also supports audio, background clip layer, double face synthesis, video transmission, such as the phone’s screen in interesting and practical function.

The hardware configuration of processing capacity

Although HTC Desire EYE M8 issued after half a year to come out, but the hardware configuration of the two machine is very similar.Among them, both smart phone processor for qualcomm Xiao dragon 801, running for 2 GB memory.But Desire EYE in the camera feature improvements is incomparable M8.And the Desire of the EYE fuselage can be extended to 128 GB of memory, almost the phone into a larger capacity hard disk.Can see that this is the purpose of the smart phone that lets you no matter where to go can be carefree.

Appearance design

Have to say, when M8 released earlier this year, its unique metal fuselage is a bright.It (not including screen) metal fuselage can account for almost 90%.The roof on the left there is a black power key, and the right has the volume buttons.The bottom of the screen can see there are a sign of HTC, return key, menu and home keys from the original entity keys to virtual buttons in the screen.There is no doubt that the M8 was a smartphone market one of the most “handsome” smartphone.

In contrast, HTC Desire EYE appears more lively youth.Its fuselage plastic material, and USES the double color design, outside the fuselage positive and negative sides and color are different.If the design concept of the M8 is similar to the iPhone, then HTC Desire EYE design style is similar to the iPhone 5 c.In terms of color, the device will be red and blue color, and different color in the box of colloid material feel good.In addition, the HTC Desire Eye level of support for IPX7 waterproof function, can be in 1 meters deep water soak for 30 minutes.


If you are an amateur addiction, and tried to want to capture every moment in life, then HTC Desire Eye will be your best choice.13 million pixels dual cameras before and after the configuration, can ensure that take effect completely.As professional shooting effect, can act as a professional camera.

But if you just want to choose a various aspects are relatively good, powerful Android smartphone, HTC M8 is your first choice.

At present, although the HTC conference on October 9, has been officially released the Desire Eye, but also did not disclose the specific launch date and price, when can the official start of the sales, let’s wait and see.

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