Take handset released HTC Desire Eye and Re mini camera

According to science and technology information site Cnet news on October 8, Taiwanese phone maker HTC has released its new smartphones Desire Eye, equipped with the latest Eye Experience software, to take photographs and video to bring new enjoy.HTC’s another mini camera Re appeared at the same time.

8, HTC has released its latest Desire Eye smart phone, the phone main take photographs and video, with double before and after 13 million camera.At the same time also released a called Re small hand-held camera.

HTC CEO Peter Chou said, all that you hear today, marked a milestone on the road of HTC transformation, and this is only the beginning for reproducing the HTC.

Desire Eye smart phones using the latest HTC Eye Experience software, through the software, the photographer just put the equipment maintained steady, or just to say “cheese” this word can take pictures, to say the word “action” can start shooting video.HTC One cell phone by upgrading can also use Eye Experience and technology.

According to HTC americas director Jason Mackenzie, Re handheld camera looks like a periscope, in line with contracted principle, the camera only a few buttons, not the viewfinder.It can support the photos of 16 million pixels and 1080 p HD video.

Since in the mobile world congress in February, originally known in the United States is not high Desire series parity looking smart phones.If HTC could win the opportunity, to Desire products.

Previously, enthusiasts aluminum shell of HTC One mixed M8 evaluation, HTC is parity smartphone market see more business opportunities.Desire Eye phone is HTC in developed countries like the United States market, an attempt to establish a value brand.

HTC has adopted different strategies and its rivals such as Motorola and LG.Motorola, LG, found that only focus on flagship super smartphone market, earnings will be gradually reduced.Apple’s iPhone and samsung’s Galaxy series mobile franchise, dominant in the market, lead to better than its rivals in the low-end only to cater to the economy is not so wealthy clients.HTC path, because of its relatively small, the business focused on mobile equipment production, it needs to and involved in many fields, resources more sufficient large companies competition.

HTC, stressed that the performance and feature of mobile phone camera in recent years, with the original One to HTC smartphone pixels and chose which was defined as Ultrapixels custom image sensor.

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