htc camera phones into a hot spot

The New York time on October 8, 4 PM,Mobile phoneManufacturer HTC invited global nearly thousand media here held a conference called “double exposure”.This is a special conference, HTC has not released the next generation of mobile phone’s flagship, long also non-market rumors innovation new product, but a called “Eye Experience Experience (Eye)” technical system, HTC hopes to provide better photos and commodity Experience to consumers.HTC, marked the “photo experience” the next stage will be its mobile phone products can provide important “selling point”.When Android Android phones increasingly homogenized competition tends to a price war, even resorting to user demand growing shoot and take, maybe is possible broken.

Take heat up camera phones

As the highest market share at the momentA smart phoneSystem, the fast development of Android, leading enterprises rapid change.From the initialMOTOROLATo Android, HTC relies on “machine sea tactics” become the market leader, then tosamsungPush “big” Note series mobile phone.This year, millet and other domestic manufacturers and with the aid of “high performance” a huge market, every wave of leader’s desire to seize the current market demand “pain points”.

So, the smartphone market is the next “pain points”?In many industry insiders point of view, is the “photo”.

Once upon a time, a smartphone is used to make a phone call to send message, but for the new generation after 90 s, especially girls, camera phones are first is especially to take and shareThe social networkThe tool.Brush micro letter circle of friends and micro-blogging, look at the full screen since the pictures, the scenery, a food, you can discover how mobile phone consumers love taking pictures.

To do a good job, must first sharpen his device when pictures especially take become just need, nature has given rise to the consumer demand for camera phones.frombaiduSearch index data,The InternetUser demand for “mobile phone” search than up 39% on a year ago, one of themMobile searchHigher year-on-year growth of 71%, indicating strong market demand in.

HTC three line with camera phones

HTC is not the first to launch the main mobile phone manufacturers.Previously, OPPO, backgammon VIVO are introduced the concept of leading photo cell phones, even the beautiful picture is famous for its beauty apps show also launched their own camera,MicrosoftSONYAlso introduced their camera phones.However, compared to the first arrivals, the magnitude of the HTC more clearly, the three production lines at the same time with this demand “pictures”.

The first front, natural is conference this time advocate hit “EyeExperience experience (eye)” technical system, through real-time skin care, such as camera and take pictures, video face tracking identification before and after innovation function, provide better pictures.This system will take the lead in xinji HTCM8EYE enabled, and will be gradually released in the previous upgrade on your mobile phone.

Second front, is the flagship of the autodyne HTCDesireEye new phone, this phone rare in mobile phone front and rear camera adopts 13 million pixels high resolution camera, not like the many camera phone to take the front-facing camera pixel is generally weaker than the scenery of the rear camera, this means that in the mobile phone is also important to take scenery and take – this is undoubtedly greatly cater to a wave of autodyne.

The third front, it is a called RE innovative camera.The appearance is similar to asthma spray mini camera, strive to provide the simplest photo experience, so that you avoid because taking pictures and missed the opportunity to appreciate the scenery.

Camera phone or break the homogeneity competition

HTC on camera phone line 3 in Shanghai, is reflected in the “photo” on the spot, but also reflect the possibility of a heterogeneous competition.

In recent years, more and more manufacturers to join the An – droid smartphone competition.Launched by Google, however, due to the operating system core processor, display and other accessories are also more by a small number of manufacturers, the competition of smart phones are becoming more and more homogeneity, almost about the same screen size as the processor, and storage space almost, smart phones more and more like.Worse, due to the smart phone hardware upgrade continuously, even beyond ordinary users demand, leading to the user for mobile phone configuration upgrade numb, so manufacturers can only play price war, machine red rice millet out one thousand yuan to meizu 1799 yuan pricing that millet, is a price war.

Compared with the simple price war, juggling the photo, is definitely out of the homogeneity competition is an important step.Due to photo this demand involves software, hardware, and multiple links, product design to the manufacturer’s larger play space, thus the possibility of a heterogeneous competition.From the perspective of the mobile phone of has been launched, wide-angle lens, flip camera, photography buttons, software, all kinds of innovation emerge in endlessly.And at the same time, the camera phones main female consumers, the latter is relatively less price-sensitive, it also helps to avoid price war.

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