One More Step OPPO N3 will be released on October 29

news, as the end of the National Day holiday, the mobile phone industry began to busy.HTC has just released a new last night, today OPPO N3 and spread the new action, OPPO officially announced the OPPO N3 release date, OPPO N3 on October 29, released under the Beijing exhibition center.

Understand OPPO friend of l&a center are very familiar with, with unique rotating camera last year and stunning OPPO N1 is released here at that time, after a year of precipitation, OPPO N3 will bring what kind of surprise?Give us a big suspense left OPPO.
From the current news, OPPO N3 will adopt new nest of ice cooling technology, greatly improving the cooling efficiency, solved the problem of the mobile phone heat dissipation is difficult.In addition to heat dissipation, N3 carry OPPO exclusive VOOC flash filling technology, and adapter is smaller, convenient to carry.

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