Mobile product companies quality China mobile M812C evaluation

4 g networks now in domestic development is rapid, before China mobile has also introduced several independent brand of 4 g smartphones, we introduce is M812C today, the phone is China mobile in the second half of this year launched one of the big 4 g smartphones, compared with China mobile to launch mobile phone before, M812C not only for promotion in the configuration, and more fashionable appearance.

First of all, let’s look at the main parameters of the phone

China mobile M812C in appearance to join a lot of element edges and corners, mobile phone give a person the sense is pitted, the overall design is good.According to the China mobile M812C appearance design is learning elements from sports car, keep the cell phone appearance extremely impact.

M812C facade design is very concise, in order to avoid the pure black panel too drab, mobile phone on the top and bottom are joined the silver decoration.Mobile phone has a positive 5 million pixels front-facing camera, cooperate with the phone’s built-in skin care function, used to take is very appropriate.

At the bottom of the phone from left to right in turn is the menu, home page and return keys, three buttons in the absence of a touch of it disappears in panel, ensure the neatness of the mobile phone positive.With a backlight system buttons, convenient you use a mobile phone in the night.

M812C adopted on the back copy skin texture, feel pretty good, and can effectively avoid fingerprints left on the back shell.Mobile phone on the back of the main camera has 13 million pixels, equipped with LED light, the back of the phone also marked the NFC touch area, facilitate everybody through mobile NFC connect other devices.

Mobile body thickness is 8.5 mm, the edge of the fuselage models processing of circular arc form, so that you can keep the cell phone has a better grip.Phone buttons on the right side of the mobile phone, key press after there will be a clear feedback.

M812C adopted can drive the design of the shell but cannot replace the battery, after phone support single card and memory card expansion, maximum support 32 gb memory card extension, to ensure that all daily data storage.Mobile phone with battery capacity is 3100 mah, also can ensure the use of mobile phone all day.

Independent from the appearance point of view, China mobile launched the phone or beyond I expected, the appearance of mobile phone has a good design, work is also quite good, mobile phone 1399 yuan price is more appropriate.

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