Huawei in the IFA conference two smart phone, one is already in the domestic uproar in cross-border new - MATE7, another is huawei's first 64 mobile phones - the G7 MATE7 have proud high specifications and metal fuselage, the G7 took 64 - bit processors, is also a big screen product.

Has long been a MATE series of positioning is "extreme crossover equipment," the overall quality of the first two generation product of hit, from 2 directly into an era of MATE7 7, is to let a person shine at the moment.More focused on the application of metal MATE7 on the material, the machine metal coverage is said to have reached 95%, in the back of the fuselage frame are aerospace grade aluminum, such as using 6 inches 1080 p screen MATE7 weight is only 185 g, thick 7.9 mm, the width of 81 mm confirmed MATE7 border to ultra narrow level.

MATE7 also introduces a new fingerprint identification solution, using the press type fingerprint sensor, with their own One Touch the fingerprint identification technology, support wet hands touching, no dead Angle, recognition is very high, moreover MATE7 fingerprinting scheme has security features, all of the fingerprint information are stored in the chip, higher security.

MATE7 brings something new is not only these, it was the first to pick up their haisi kirin 925 eight core processor, USES 8 + 1 nuclear design, the core of the new join for intellisense processor, can collect sensor data, networking support CAT6 standard, same downward up to 300 MBPS, support double 4 g double card double stay.There are 5 million / 13000000 megapixel camera, there are 16 g and 2 g + 3 g + 32 g two versions, 41000 ma battery, the latest edition of the Emotion UI3.0, customized, based on the Android 4.42 depth increase many new features.

Distributed with the accompanying MATE7 and Ascend the G7, this is a support 64 series of new products, carrying Xiao dragon 410 processor, a 5.5 -inch 720 p resolution screens, 2 g + 16 gb of memory, 5 million / 13 million megapixel camera, the battery capacity is 3000 ma, is also a EMUI3.0, support LTE CAT4.After design is fruity, with metal shell.

Huawei MATE7 high and low version of the euro price respectively is 599 yuan and 499 euros, about 4770 yuan and 4770 yuan, and the G7 is a lot cheaper price, just 299 euros, two new product will be listed in China.

Huawei IFA release MATE7 and G7 two new handsets-86DIGI
Huawei MATE7

Huawei IFA release MATE7 and G7 two new handsets-86DIGI
Huawei g7

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