TCL's last year's Hero N3 in ultra screen of diversified accessories and high configuration become big fans of focus, this year's IFA conference, N3 upgrade version of the Hero 2 formal appearance, this phone is as early as in the domestic network of TCL H900M, new retained most 1 generation product advantages, part of the specification for ascension, will become a new generation of TCL's flagship machine.

Hero N3 still has a high screen proportion, with 6 inches 1920 * 1080 resolution OGS all joint Hero2 measurements of the screen is 160.5 * 81.6 * 81.6 mm, thickness is more thin, the outline of the whole machine some of the generation of lasting appeal, there are obviously different, but the detail place Hero2 back is not a whole, seems to be 3 design, back on the right side is the same with a row of metal contact, used to connect various external accessories.

The data shows Hero 2 also adoptedmediatekSolution for 8 nuclear 2 GHZ main frequency processor, can support LTE network, based on the analysis of the current environment, it is very likely first USES the TCL groupMT6595Eight nuclear cell phones than carry 1 generationMTK6589TStrong performance in a more than a little bit.New built-in 2 gb DDR3 RAM + 16 g eMMC, provides the support extended Micro SD card slot, it is design 1 generation have no, the other Hero2 3100 milliampere battery standard, support NFC, gyroscope, HALL sensor and screen sharing and so on, run Android 4.42 system.

Focus on the way of the machine video features, TCL hero 2 used the 5 million + 13 million pixels dual cameras, the camera is SONY stack type sensor, can support OIS optical image stabilization function.Like idol + X, TCL on Hero 2 joined ES9018 HIFI chip, supplemented by double nautilus side out sound speaker, to improve quality performance.

Hero N3 has rich smart accessories, this is also reflected in Hero 2 body, Hero 2 fuselage comes with a stylus, otherwise the LED back clip, the 4.5 -inch screen e-ink screen, a body metal fuselage bluetooth mobile phone accessories, such as different parts can realize different functions, such as bluetooth headset to answer calls.

A new generation of Hero2 offer is 350 euros, about 2779 yuan, will soon be on sale in domestic and expected to land in the domestic market the price will be more preferential.

Domestic new flagship TCL Hero2 in IFA conference-86DIGI

Domestic new flagship TCL Hero2 in IFA conference-86DIGIThis article from MTK phone

Domestic new flagship TCL Hero2 in IFA conference-86DIGI

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