September 2 in the afternoon, released in Beijing meizu MX series fourth generation product - MX4, when the meizu MX4 price public moment, a seething conference, 1799 yuan price is beyond most people's expectations - has repeatedly hype out of the lowest price is 1999 yuan, can let so many people cheering meizu MX4 the wonders what, look back at some meizu MX4 some important features.

First MT6595 phone!Meizu MX4 release-86DIGI

The first useMT6595Eight nuclear LTE solution for mobile phone

Meizu this led to a thoroughmediatekClose cooperation of TCL, lenovo, gold instant brand, with mediatekMTK6595Reached cooperation, select the performance and power consumption more balanced MT6595 as core processor, abandoned the samsung.Are of the utmost importance to this cooperation, mediatek obviously, the main frequency of 2.2 GHz version of the preferred supplier to meizu, sincerity can be see, meizu is used when the MX4 processor platform "MTK6595 meizu customised version", even if lenovo's first MT6595 products VIBE X2, used also MT6595M 2 GHz.

Thanks to MT6595 performance boost, excellent multimedia functions and the optimization of power consumption, meizu MX4 not only become the world's first supports h. 265 4 k video recording smartphone, and support 720 p slow MT6595 have features such as shooting, rabbit rabbit ran points more than four w6.Another person MT6595 has integrated the multi-mode multi-frequency LTE MODEM, so MX4 can achieve 5 die 13 frequency support, MX4 respectively introduced a mobile version 4 g 4 g version with unicom, all is single SIM card, mobile version can support the td-scdma LTE/TD - SCDM/GSM network, and is compatible with mobile 4 g and unicom unicom edition 4 g + FDD (TDD) and WCDMA/GSM network, relative to the current listing of double MTK chip solution4 g mobile phoneWhich integrates MODEM MT6595 has lower power consumption, reduce the mainboard.

Meizu with mediatek's hand in hand, the current term belongs to a win-win cooperation, meizu omit part of patent fees, at the same time, obtained the unprecedented technical support, while mediatek with meizu brand influence, and its image.

First MT6595 phone!Meizu MX4 release-86DIGIThis article from MTK phone

No basic configuration of the board

Meizu MX4 adopted MT6595 do chip platform is decided long ago, most fans might be anticipated, the specifications of the other before the conference is a puzzle, now it has no more mysterious than the core of the specification, the whole, MX4 based specification and no obvious shortcomings.

MX4 screen remains non-mainstream, size is 5.36 inches (sharp and JDI, resolution of 1152 * 1920, more than the common 1080 p resolution, meizu called FHD +, 418 PPI, applied the Nega negative LCD and LED backlight module, glass surface adopted corning gorilla three generations, supplemented by OGS all joint technology.It is worth mentioning that in order to reduce the risk of accidentally broken screen, meizu on MX4 applied patent technology called dispensing hanging screen, the screen between the metal frame and fill a special glue, reduce broken screen, the official also provides 89 yuan/year broken screen, in Marine insurance, broken screen free replacement within one year.

Taking pictures is meizu MX4 highlights, front and rear cameras are SONY sensor, the pixel 20.7 million SONY IMX220 main camera, with blue glass filter, f / 2.2 aperture, the lens surface of glass to protect a gorilla three generations, with dual LED flash double color temperature, extreme focus support 0.3 seconds, front autodyne cameras to 2 million pixels (IMX208).Software has pick up the new camera, support parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, exposure of manual regulation, support real-time skin care, and other functions, a sample of conference showed excellent imaging effect.

Because MT6595 can support eMMC5.0 standard and dual channel 933 MHZ memory, MX4 everything, used the double channel 2 gb DDR3 RAM, 16 g, 32 g and 64 g of three different storage version (eMMC5.0);The last part, MX4 battery capacity up to 3100 ma, with low power consumption, eight nuclear MT6595 collocation, should be able to do better than MX3 battery life.

Meizu MX4 additional functions more comprehensive, support double wheat noise reduction, dual-band WIFI, etc., to support gyroscope, electronic compass, HALL switch sensor, support GPS, A - navigation system of GPS, GLONASS, QZSS global (MT6595 implementation).

Finally is the system, MX4 combined with flyme4.0, flyme4 based on Android 4.42 customization, depth integration of Internet services.The whole interface color more rich, replace a new font, redraw the application icon, a large number of third party notification bar icon and site, also added a flyme reading, and voice assistant security center, etc., such as black screen gestures and other body feeling function has been added, and integrated cloud storage, has flyme accounts can enjoy 40 t cloud space.

First MT6595 phone!Meizu MX4 release-86DIGI

Appearance design

Meizu official is an important description of MX4 - better with the domestic mobile phone, very not good grip feel row first, MX4 MX3 retained the big round back shell design, the fuselage four the radian of Angle increases, and the box become round, arc is almost MX4 appearance of the first characteristics, the benefits is to be able to joint hands, get a more comfortable grip.

Moreover MX4 adopted integrated air magnesium aluminum alloy frame, back shell use frosted texture handle, the side of the specular chamfering is very striking, MX4 is meizu's thinnest ever products, measurements is 144 * 75.2 * 8.9 mm, 147 g weight is lighter than about the screen size products.Will provide the grey version, all white version and local tyrants gold version.It is important to note that the MX4 power key as MX3, still in the fuselage top.

The price is a time to market

Before reports that meizu MX4 may have an appointment for the model, it would seem that the message is misinformation, effective MX4 first to accept the reservation website, can choose full booking or 200 yuan deposit to the way it stores take machine, unicom mobile price, first is 16 g version and the 32 gb version, selling price is 1799 yuan and 1999 yuan respectively, 64 g version to sell 2399 yuan, on September 20, the official listing, in addition to unicom contract version can choose, the previous generation product pricing MX3 is 1499 yuan.

From existing conference information, meizu MX4 still a product of the pursuit of "perfect", from inside to outside can see rigorous attitude, striving for a more perfect and meizu also creates a surprise on the price, the lowest 1799 yuan prices clearly point to the $1999 level models such as millet, such pricing obviously wants to continue making the MX4 their 4 g pioneers, let MX4 fly for a while first, follow-up with more awesome new filling line - meizu has changed.

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