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Relative to many vendors have been high-profile marketing methods, meizu have been relatively quiet, with products as the core concept is easy to appear a kind of trend, the product itself is of very high degree of attention and high praise, but marketing data may not be that bright eye, manufacturers, of course, with the return of jack and MX4 release, this kind of marketing pattern could be changed – the meizu MX4 price 1799 yuan.


1799 yuan eight nuclear 4 g/Flyme 4.0 meizu MX4 evaluating 1 picture


Low prices for most people have to buy intention users have the very strong allure, even though the meizu may be in the next few months and then continue to launch new models, but from the current view, it is already quite good.

1799 yuan eight nuclear 4 g/Flyme 4.0 meizu MX4 evaluating chart 2
This article from MTK phone

For users, a product can bring about better experience is the most important thing, as to how your marketing, said, when I got the product personally use since there will be a judge in the future.Our most attention or products, MX4 or really like meizu “behind closed doors” out of the product before, but it has changed a great deal on the pricing, reduced the threshold, more populist, happy.


For a long time, the meizu MX series, or we say has always been the meizu phone, with elegant appearance and high quality work to win.Although in marketing and a large room for improvement, meizu successful marketing case may be to stimulate the meizu, millet but for a lot of meizu fans, meizu this attitude of the focus on product is meizu phone’s biggest attraction.


Meizu MX4 configuration:


Screen size: 5.36 -inch IPS screen (sharp/JDI);1920 x 1152 resolution
Processor:mediatekMT6595Eight nuclear
Memory: 933 MHZ 2 gb DDR3 RAM
Camera: pre – 2 million pixels, rear F2.0 + 20.7 million pixels, F2.2;Double ISP chip
Custom Flyme system interface: depth of 4.0
Battery capacity: 3100 mah/samsung SONY batteries
Online support: TDD LTE, FDD LTE, td-scdma and WCDMA, and GSM
The fuselage size: 144 * 75.2 * 75.2 mm
Weight: 147 g
Bare-metal price: 16 gb: 1799 yuan.32 gb: 1999 yuan.Gb: $64 to $2399


A narrow bezel record again

In fact you is not hard to find the meizu is always emphasizes the design of domestic manufacturers, once under the drive of millet, many manufacturers have begun to emphasize high configuration of that trend could make the meizu is lost, place on the market is full of these so-called cost-effective models, while the meizu is always talking about design, insist on yourself, so until now about the domestic mobile phone which design and workmanship, first thought is certainly meizu.


1799 yuan eight nuclear 4 g/Flyme 4.0 meizu MX4 evaluating chart 3
Meizu mx4
This article from MTK phone

The MX4 gave me the deepest impression on the appearance of ultra narrow bezel is 2.6 mm, about the ultra narrow border measures had been divided, but no matter how you measure it, the naked eye to MX4 the borders of goodwill can prove that it was successful.


1799 yuan eight nuclear 4 g/Flyme 4.0 meizu MX4 evaluating picture 4
The world’s most narrow bezel


Ultra narrow border join is directly promoted screen ratio, improve the touch screen mobile phone, this is a series of chain reaction.For a majority of the user groups, judgment on a mobile phone be fond of, account for the vast majority of appearance.


1799 yuan eight nuclear 4 g/Flyme 4.0 meizu MX4 evaluation diagram 5
The details


On the screen size and resolution, meizu is still alone, it USES a 5.36 -inch, 1920 x 1152 resolution JDI screen.And as for meizu screen color gamut, contrast and brightness of the three parameters increase at the same time, we actually don’t need to dig into what is going on, as long as you can feel better visual effect resulted from the screen, there is a big promotion that is enough, but the fact is also like this.


1799 yuan eight nuclear 4 g/Flyme 4.0 meizu MX4 review picture 6
5.36 inches Full HD + screen

Positive design still visible meizu classic small dot Home button, this design has become a mock object of many vendors, simple and easy, and with a little bit of reiki is that it is a very significant characteristics.

1799 yuan eight nuclear 4 g/Flyme 4.0 meizu MX4 evaluating picture 7
Dot Home button

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