VIBE X2 mobilephone photos

After Z2 PRO, lenovo brand positioning high-end market VIBE another product line X series also has new upcoming, this phone is as early as in the physical trading conference was the official executive mentioned “rainbow”VIBE X2, with the net as well as photos of outflow, can already see the X2 a general outline.

If tired of watching a dust unchanged “certificate”, can take a look at this group of latest exposure to film figure, very clarity shows the VIBE X2 appearance design.


As previously public photos, lenovo VIBE X2 partial square shape does not bring much surprise, wins in the thin thickness of about 7 mm lower back without bumps elements, the design of the main camera is also flush the fuselage, distinct in four color box is the core of the machine selling point, progressive type of multiple frame color is character.Also can clearly see the VIBE X2 screen panel protrudes from the fuselage, similar to the “screen” S920 design, officials say X2 screen can “eye”, and have a good touch, is expected to use the new screen, at present the products have no shortage of high-resolution screen product, but “eye screen” put forward by the lenovo finally involves health concept, it is worth praise!

Before there is no attention to the place – VIBE X2 lower back has three metal contact, back contact generally used to implement additional features, such as wireless charging, multifunctional jacket, VIBE X2 may in this respect, to promote the playability of the product.

Design innovation at the same time, the VIBE X2 based configuration also not tacky, would be the first to use MTK MT6595Accompanied by one of the eight core processor of mobile phone 2 gb memory, 5 inches, 1080 p, 5 million / 13 million megapixel camera screen and Android 4.42 VIBE of custom UI, battery capacity could be 2250 mah, will launch a mobile, unicom, 4 g version.

By the last generation X series product pricing is not hard to guess, VIBE 2 k X2 should also lock file model, to attract young users to buy fashion design, will be released in this year’s IFA conference.




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