Microsoft is interested in buying Cyanogen Android build team

Beijing time on September 1, news, foreign media The Information reported that Microsoft has approached The Android compilation team Cyanogen, expressed The willingness to buy.As is known to all,CyanogenIs the world’s largest third partyAndroid ROMDevelopment team, a mobile phone software is developed by it.

The Information at The same time also said that in addition to Microsoft, amazon, yahoo, and samsung are interested in buying Cyanogen.At the same time,CyanogenAre planning a new round of financing, in order to expand the scale of the company.

News that Microsoft CEO Satya -, (Satya Nadella) has had a conversation with Cyanogen.The other companies are also closely watching Cyanogen, consider or acquisition and possible cooperation.

The personage inside course of study analysis,CyanogenIs a developmentAndroidSoftware company, Microsoft has to take over the nokia devices and services, but forAndroidThe market does not seem to have “ambition”.From this analysis, Microsoft is not interested inCyanogentheAndroidSoftware products, but the talent.

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