Or to change the world again iPhone6 exposure camera parameters

in the conference on the eve of the iPhone 6 has been exposed to about the same, but the camera has no definite news.Recently, the online news of 1600/2000 pixel almost impossible to appear on the iPhone 6, 13 million pixels may not have even.Support 4 k high-definition video recording the possibility of also is very low, so at least until next year.


IPhone, on the other hand, have been from OmniVision front-facing camera, every generation can significantly improve, 5/5 s / 5 c, are back according to the type 1.2 million pixels.From this perspective, a prerequisite for the iPhone 6 will have obvious ascension is.


Generally speaking, although the iPhone camera and other components, hardware parameters is often not the latest, but it’s the most mature, more important is the apple good algorithm, combined with hard and soft to get the better image quality.

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