The Indian mobile phone market: oneplus millet clash Moto G exits (figure)

According to techinasia reported on August 25, IndiaMobile phoneMarket there is cloud: one plus the phone on, pointing to millet;Moto G perfect retreat, there may be a G2 soon return.

One plus phone has announced plans to the Indian market, and after many of China’s mobile operators have to enter India: gionee in 2013 began to develop the India market, millet and OPPO is firmly established in India this year.And now, millet, the biggest gain in India has more than 55000 high-level customers, low price of millet 3 sold to India.

One plus mobile phones in India: millet and field effect?

Millet 3 to sell on the same day, in the first round of the Indian one plus, global head of Carl Pei Posting on BBS, expressed one plus the love of the Indian market, of course, the reader can take it as a coincidence.As is known to all, millet low-cost selling mobile phone, by accessories to make money.And one plus the phone is priced at $299 (RMB 1839), can change the back cover is worth $50 (RMB 307).Millet many executives charges, but one plus in wide also find yangjae.

The Indian mobile phone market expands unceasingly, it is no wonder that the two operators fierce competition.On August 19, twenty thousand sets of millet 3 Indian customers snapped up in 2.3 seconds.

MOTOROLAMoto G complete withdrawal

After the Moto part sold 1 million, India’s electricity announced it will no longer sell Moto G.Previously it was for sale, to ensure that existing Moto G all sold out.Whether in the future there will be a Moto G2?And we will soon know.Predictably, the king of MOTOROLA’s subsequent equipment in the Indian market has a bright future.

India and China science and technology exchange intensified

Obviously, many of China’s mobile operators strive to occupy a place in India.OPPO came early, but the effect not beautiful, although in bollywood star Hritik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor, endorsements, but still didn’t achieve the result of the hope, sentiment is much less than the fellow brothers.The FrenchtelecomThe companyalcatelIntroduced a numberA smart phoneAnd tablet, online sales at the same time, strive to 3 are more likely to buy than millet’s equipment.At the same time, the millet in the near future will also hold a sale in India, from the fuzzy image, this product is a red rice 1 s

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