The Nexus 8 through wi-fi certification will launch the Android L

News about HTC will launch the next generation of Nexus tablet is more and more frequent, recently, according to the wi-fi certification bodies, according to the latest generation of Nexus tablet has wi-fi certified.

Can be seen from the published information, rumors and before the same, the new Nexus tablet will use Google’s Android operating system, L in respect of version, can be seen from the “wi-fi and ohter”, new Nexus tablet will also have wi-fi and 4 g version is optional.If HTC extend asus style, then two versions will not be released during the same period.

As for configuration didn’t disclose this time, but, according to a news before new Nexus tablet will carry 64 prototypes K1 processor, as well as the 4 gb of RAM, the screen is 8.9 inches, the support of the optical image stabilization 800 megapixel camera.Naming rules, according to Google to screen new product will be called the Nexus of 8.

Because it is HTC foundry, according to speculation in shape is likely to join HTC One series of design elements, such as BoomSound front stereo speakers.

8 the wi-fi authentication Nexus will launch the Android L

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