MOTOROLARecently, new constantly, the turn of theNexus 6.TKTechNews by south Korean website is not only the latest exposes the machine of rabbit rabbit ran his achievements, but also revealed due to avoid the copyright dispute,MOTOROLAThis new handsets official name will be changed to the Nexus X, fastest is expected to officially on sale in October this year.

With Xiao dragon screen Nexus 805 2 k X runs minute exposure-86DIGI

Ran his achievements

As the MOTOROLA contract Nexus series machines, for the first timeNexus 6Main hardware specifications and Moto S basically not much different, so the natural also received more Internet users' concerns.However, according to south Korean website TKTechNews disclosure, as a model for "Nexus - 6" Android robot, once appeared in the best-selling author Philip k. Dick's novel "the blade runner," so in order to avoid disputes and problems of version,GoogleWill the Nexus of name change for the Nexus X, as forMobile phoneModel for MOTOROLA XT1100.

And reported in order to confirm the authenticity of the south Korean website TKTechNews has released the MOTOROLA phone Ann rabbit rabbit run test screenshots, confirm this machine is called the Nexus X, and loaded with 2.7 GHz Xiao dragon 805 processors, equipped with 2 k resolution (1440 X 2560 pixels) touch screen, with 3 gb of RAMmemoryAnd 32 gb of storage capacity, with 13 million pixels, the specifications and configurations are Moto S consistent.

With Xiao dragon screen Nexus 805 2 k X runs minute exposure-86DIGI

Pick up Android L system

At the same time, the exposure of rabbit rabbit run points test also showed the Nexus carrying system version for Android 5.0 X, the older name clearly has been proved that the machine should test for some time.And according to the latest leaked online preview SDK Android L, according to the name of the Android system L, code-named "LMP", referring to the meaning of emon Meringue Pie, that is the meaning of the lemon Meringue Pie, conform to the pastGoogleFor the system to dessert naming habits.

Be worth what carry is, according to leaked on the network of best buy, according to the internal pages MOTOROLA Nexus X also has a black version, run LMP system, Google the latest support LTE 4 g high-speed network, and also as a 13000000 megapixel camera to increase the function of optical image stabilization, and leadThe lensIs 2.1 million pixels.But, about the machine the size of the touch screen there are multiple versions, including a 5.9 inches and 5.2 inches and so on.

With Xiao dragon screen Nexus 805 2 k X runs minute exposure-86DIGI

The price of 419.99 euros

But, while MOTOROLA the Nexus X is not officially released in the short term, and there is news that the machine will not even released publicly, but will choose direct listing, the exact time is October or November.Internal pages shows at the same time, according to best buy information, MOTOROLA Nexus X priced at 419.99 euros, or about 3400 yuan a month.

In addition, due to the MOTOROLA also plans to launch a similar configuration of xinji Moto S, but it seems to join the function of fingerprint identification, and it is possible that the Android Silver series products, also is expected to officially debut in October to November this year, becoming the second half of the MOTOROLA's flagship model.

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