The price remains the same Gold fighter A8 white version

Lenovo new create A8 gold fighter of the second generation product after launch on the network of sales, almost can use a “crazy” to describe, jingdong first channel, official day cat shop and suning platforms such as sales performance is very good, and some other third party channels to sell the product.

Official gold fighter A8, unfortunately, although the advertise a variety of colors, but till now, since listing the major platform for sale are all black color of deep black, other color temporarily no sales, the good news is that the machine movement 4 g white version is finally here.

On August 25, lenovo day cat official flagship store first started selling gold fighter A8 white version, but the number is very limited, plus the propaganda is not much, many netizens have no chance to purchase.At 11 am on September 1, the second round of the white version of the A8 will again cat flagship stores to snap up on the official day, pearl white version price not to 798 yuan.In addition to the day the cat, fighter A8 white gold version will also debut in jingdong sale, jingdong mall selling time is on August 26, at 11 am.

As a lenovo is in one thousand yuan4 g mobile phoneImportant pieces of market set, A8 has populist pricing only not just, this machine integrates 1.7 GHz main frequencyMT6592Eight core processor, 5 inches 720 p resolution IPS screen and 2 g + 16 gb of memory, 5 million / 13 million pixel cameras mainstream configuration, can support Hotkont near field communication technology, system for depth of custom VIBE UI2.0.

Gold fighter A8 white version

Gold fighter A8 white version

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