Work photo moments glory 599 yuan 3 c chang play

1, one hundred yuan of top-of-the-line smartphone glory 3 c chang play

On August 24, 2014, “top one hundred yuan with smartphones” – the standard version for 599 yuan a glory of huawei 3 c chang play version wto-day order come in Beijing.Although before the conference huawei has basically this glory reveal out the price of new configuration, but the real to the product, still be the full of the glory of the sincerity moved by 3 c chang play version – about 599 yuan at a low price benchmarking, but more is a good heart (sincerely) (meaning) (of) (a).

599 yuan quality of conscience Huawei honor 3 c chang play version of the first test

599 yuan quality of conscience Huawei honor 3 c chang play version of the first test


Within one thousand yuan to be honest, in today’s smartphone market, low price is no longer the only selling point, from 399 yuan quad-core, to 999 yuan of eight nuclear cell phones, taste buds have numbness, consumers have won’t easily head low artifact the brain fever to cater to the manufacturer.Populist price is important, the quality of the product also want to have a conscience, both in huawei glory 3 c chang play version is – $599 is not a hard manufactured in a pile!This article from MTK phone

Huawei honor play version 3 c chang
The home screen size 5 inches
The home screen resolution 1280 x720 pixel
Network type Dual sim card
The operating system Android OS 4.2
The user interface Emotion UI 2.0
The core number Four nuclear
The CPU model mediatek MT6582
CPU frequency 1.3GHz
GPU model Mali-400 MP
RAM capacity 1GB
ROMcapacity 4 gb (standard)
Memory card MicroSD card
Expand the capacity of 32GB
The battery type Removable type battery
Battery capacity 2000mAh
The rear camera 8 million pixels
Front-facing camera 2 million pixels

This time we startreviewGlory for unicom version of huawei 3 c chang play version, its positive carry 5 inches 720 p display, built-in a 1.3 GHz mediatek MT6582 quad-core processors, memory combination for 1 gb of RAM + 16 gb ROM (standard edition for 4 gb), photographed in rear is pre – 2 million pixels + 2 million megapixel camera.Rear support dual sim card, battery capacity is 2000 mah, built-in huawei electric 2.0 technology.


599 yuan quality of conscience Huawei honor 3 c chang play version of the first test

Huawei honor 3 c chang play version of the first test

Living in the two saying, called a cheap goods is not good, another line is called a penny a points goods.Meaning is say overland dollar phone couldn’t be better.Is it true?From the point of the hardware configuration, huawei honor 3 c chang Play version although prices have advantages, but to be honest, the configuration, although have advantages, but the basic or kept within one thousand yuan level for a smartphone.It’s conscience quality reflected in what place?


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