Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Conference held on August 20-86DIGI

Samsung and Barnes &noble, the developer of the Nook e-reader (as well as America's first big offline books chain) will be held this month 20 common.At the appointed time, the two companies will jointly publish is joint research and development for a long time, and formally opened to the public in June with new equipment - the Tab 4 the Nook tablet.

The Tab 4 Nook carrying samsung Tab tablet computer hardware design, and the Nook e-book reading software pre-installed.The machine for 7 inch screen size, very suitable for books to read.

Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Conference held on August 20-86DIGI

Samsung in the future for a period of time and a Unpacked conference, consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, Germany, on September 3rd.At that time, samsung Galaxy Note 4 being issued, will the latest domestic mobile phone samsung.

Apple will be released in September occurrence peak of the next generation of large screen iPhone, samsung, millet and other smartphone makers to choose at this time also published before mobile phones, tablet devices, samsung also sending two screens apple's intention is obvious.

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