E ink screen mobile E – Phone exposure range for a month

E ink screen mobile E - Phone exposure

E ink screen mobile E – Phone exposure

Even though the color degree and the resolution of the Phone’s screen lets a person feel amazing, but the power consumption big lead to cell Phone short battery life is difficult to solve, so some manufacturers in order to pursue high range to use E ink screen, now, there’s a company named FormNation ready to launch a called E – E ink screen mobile Phone.

The aircraft designers of so-called they got inspiration from the iPhone, because the iPhone is too expensive, and for a long time after the screen is too hot to use, they decided to design a cheap, and fever is not obvious, in addition its battery life up to a month.

But with this model is more suitable for simple operation of the screen, rather than on the Internet, broadcast film and video, play games, according to photos, etc.The machine in the conceptual phase, distance is needed to really become a practical product.

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