Long time no see: Jolla Phone this month to land the Hong Kong market

long time no see: Jolla Phone this month to land the Hong Kong market

Early in the first half of last year, Jolla company has released its first carry Sailfish OS (swordfish) mobile Phone Jolla Phone seems to be not so smooth, but the machine sale process until the end of last year will be officially on sale in Europe, but recently Jolla, according to the official twitter Jolla Phone will be in this month’s 12 land Hong Kong market, by the telecommunications operator Three exclusive distribution.

Jolla last month announced officially into the Indian market, officially listed in Hong Kong again this month, the pace of the market to develop very well.Early Jolla Phone listed soon, Jolla official announced that it will be a mainland China mobile Phone sales and leading cooperation, will be launched in domestic trading version of Jolla Phone, but so far, don’t have any Jolla Phone will be on the market in mainland China.

Jolla has been targeted mobile phones in emerging markets, the beginning is Russia, followed by India, has now come to Hong Kong, if no accident, the next station is China.Russia, India and China are large, populous nation, but in per capita consumption level also has the obvious disparity with the developed country, it is because of this reason, the intelligent mobile phone coverage in these places is relatively low, while Jolla easier to capture the market.

Jolla Phone issue has been more than a year, inevitably some backward on the hardware configuration, a 4.5 -inch screen, QHD resolution, 1.4 G qualcomm dual-core processor, 1 “gramm, rear 800 w pixels autofocus camera, pre – 200 w megapixel camera, built-in 16 gb of storage space, expanding support SD card, there are 9 kinds of shell to choose from, built-in 2100 milliampere batteries.Hong kong-listed Jolla Phone have white, red poppy (PoppyRed), Aloe, Aloe and fashion Keira Black (modern Keira Black) three limited edition smart back cover color is optional.Hong Kong area of Jolla Phone also announced for the price, but Jolla Phone cost up to 399 euros in Finland, worth 3305 yuan (us $.The hk Jolla Phone won’t be cheap.

In 2011, abandon former partner for nokiaWindows Phone.But former partner has not vanished, dreams of Jolla company nokia employees, to continue the mission of former partner.Sailfish thought based on the development of the former partner, the operating system is open source, similar to the Android.Jolla mobile phone can run Sailfish or applicationsAndroidApplication, which helps it into the Android has occupies 82% share of the market.

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