5.5 inch screen 2 k + 20.7 million pixels Cool the strongest flagship exposure

the upcoming iPhone 6, at present a lot often in the preparation of its new, but cool have not been idle, it seems to have their own a new machine to be released.When in September with apple.

The news that the upcoming release of cool new is fairly good in configuration, the screen is 5.5 inch screen, 2 k and memory is 3 gb of RAM, the processor is 2.5 GHz Xiao dragon 801 processor, camera is SONY’s latest IM220 20.7 million pixels.


In addition, the new machine is equipped with cameras seems to like the OPPO N1 is rotating, but the rotation Angle reached 270 degrees, body material, after the shell kevlar material is qualitative, the fuselage frame for metal material.


So configured phone price not low, according to cool before pricing for its flagship, the price should be 3000-4000.That price seems a little high for ordinary consumers, cool is supposed to be the high-end flagship to embody its own brand value.

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