Phone SUGAR flag the second generation product launch in late July, officially entered the era of 4 g, and surprisingly SUGAR still chose this timeMTK platform, carry on new products and while SUGAR dragon MTK LTE solution, become the minority officially listed on the MTK4 g mobile phone

Su Ningyi SUGAR marca dragon phone number after purchase and began to open to booking, but there was no specific launch date and price, has announced the suspense one by one.

SUGAR marca dragon open on August 8, rob is 2 k-86DIGI

SUGAR marca dragon mobile appointment by the end of the August 8, 9, 10 o 'clock in the morning on the same day to snap up formally, buying time for two hours, the reservation price is 2598 yuan, compared to a generation of product cheaper to hundreds of yuan.600 users can also place the order before obtain 399 yuan package, including women's handbags, swarovski crystal diamond earphone plug and tint.

SUGAR marca dragon open on August 8, rob is 2 k-86DIGI

Cheaper than SUGAR 1 generation mobile phone, means that the specifications will shrink, while SUGAR dragon has a 4.7 -inch 720 p resolution of all joint screen, SONY IMX179/8000000 megapixel camera, before front autodyne camera flash carry, built-in 2 g + 16 gb of memory and 2000 ma cells.Core processor USES a MTK6582 quad-core scheme, can support the td-scdma LTE/td-scdma/GSM CARDS three mode, support for gyro and other sensors.

This machine is the most eye-catching place is definitely a box in the "gem" in the fuselage, SUGAR marca inlaid dragon gems for less than 1 generation, with 119, but still, and the thickness of the machine is only 7.65 mm, relatively thin.

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