xiaomi is the world’s fifth-largest smartphone makers

Forbes magazine web site reported, according to the data provided by the data analysis of company Strategy Analytics,In the past three months, just set up four years of xiaomi divvied up the 5% of the global smartphone market share, quarterly sales more than 15.1 million mobile phones.Compared to last year’s 1.8% market share, xiaomi in the mobile phone market share has reached 5.1%.
Data show that xiaomi has even become one of the top five became the global mobile phone sales market.Due to have a successful online sales experience and smooth sales channels, let xiaomi mobile phone is very popular in the Chinese market, its sales in every quarter has obvious improvement.
xiaomi through its website to a known as “flash sales” sales model to sell their phones and tablets.Available to stimulate the consumer, the company in public propaganda of xiaomi mobile phone 3 in a few seconds was snapped up by the user.
Forbes said, xiaomi company CEO lei jun in various occasions are trying to imitate Steve jobs, both speech and style.And their xiaomi mobile phone 4 also has strong similarity with apple’s iPhone, even if their website seems to imitate apple’s web site.xiaomi do irritate some people obviously, but indeed proved very effective.
xiaomi in the next step is to sell products to overseas markets, especially in Asia and Europe customers.”Because of the users of we don’t have any brand concept of the west, so it need to consume large amounts of money.”xiaomi has said.xiaomi company hired last year ago Google Android mobile division of product management vice President Hugo – barak, its main purpose is to help the xiaomi in the international market to expand influence.And now barak’s main job is to help the new owners to copy western companies “xiaomi” criticism to defend itself.
At least if overseas sales not free, xiaomi can grab more market share in China.Strategy analysis, the company said in Asia and Africa has become the strongest global smartphone market demand of two regions, North America and Europe because of the change of operator subsidies is a slowing trend.Because of this, apple recently with China mobile, the country’s leading operator, signed a cooperation contract, which is bound to increase its sales in China.
In the second quarter of 2014, samsung, with 25.2% of the market share is still occupy the leading position in the global market, followed by apple, its share of 11.9%.6.2% 5.4% of huawei and lenovo is not like last year to maintain strong growth, observers believe that the “period of rapid growth is coming to an end.
In the second quarter, the global smartphone shipments increased by 27%, a record 295 million units.The Android mobile phone sales in the second quarter in the new phone, account for 85% of the share, it created a new record.

Millet is the world's fifth-largest smartphone makers
In the second quarter of 2014 global smartphone shipments

Millet is the world's fifth-largest smartphone makers
In the second quarter of 2014 global smartphone market share

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