The battle of 4 g: huawei haisi can counter attack qualcomm?

This year China’s 4 g market gradually warming, 4 g users, and 4 g mobile phone sales in June 4-40% – 50% of the acceleration of growth.Millet made since it was founded during the first half of the best result, in the first half of mobile phone sales of more than 2600 units, sales 33 billion good grades, so remarkable achievements make millet mobile phone market in China the most dazzling star.Unfortunately, many mobile phone brands in China have started to launch a 4 g phone, millet failed to timely launch of 4 g mobile phone, to share this hot market.But millet in marketing a set, with a trip to the art of steel plate continued condensing popularity, this is where a digression.
4 g is on the rise, high TongXin accounted for at home
China’s successful on td-scdma LTE patents to his advantage, rely on the influence of China’s huge market, finally win the negotiations with qualcomm,Qualcomm has promised to a suspension of TD – LTE/TDSCDMA/GSM three mode mobile phone patent, this is the success of the independent intellectual property rights in China.But then another question, on the Chinese market at present is mainly provided by qualcomm’s 4 g mobile phone chips, it is said that in the first half of the 4 g mobile phone provided by qualcomm chip, 80% from millet examples can be seen without a qualcomm chip even brand cattle also face a shortage of difficult again, can be seen from the example of OPPO, qualcomm how important support for the growth of the brand.Qualcomm has two pieces of income, is a patent licensing fees, sales is a piece of mobile phone chips, was because China has a strong patent share on LTE, qualcomm may be required for FDD/WCDMA/CDMA lower royalty charge way and proportion, but qualcomm insisted on each separate talks with mobile phone enterprise, combined with qualcomm in 4 g chip market near monopoly position, the operators can only dare to anger can’t demand qualcomm licensing fees.
Have the opportunity to break the monopoly haisi kirin?
Haisi is currently on the market besides qualcomm, MARVELL provides 4 g commercial chip manufacturers.Latest lenovo in haisi contacts, meizu is and the sea, to discuss cooperation, I guess: haisi cooperation and meizu may just things on the business, and lenovo as a very influential big enterprise, 2013/14 fiscal revenue of $38.7 billion enterprise, clearly reflects the more meaning.According to Digitimes Research statistics, lenovo mobile phone sales in the Chinese market in 2013 second in samsung, lenovo to qualcomm licensing fee is very considerable, if lenovo adopted haisi chip, it will be a strong role model.Lenovo mobile phones and huawei is face to face competition, usually between rival won’t cooperate, lenovo, huawei haisi mobile phone chips will certainly have more significance.
June 4 g mobile phone sales in China to 14.77 million, 4 g market has entered the hot state, but can only haisi commercial domestic chip, have no time to wait for other chip makers to launch commercial chips in qualcomm grab market, support the development of Chinese industry, supporting the haisi, apparently, is currently the best choice.I think haisi monopoly is to break the qualcomm 4 g chip market.

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