Perhaps is near release, after SONY xperiaz3 series of intensive exposure, mini xperiaz3compact SONY has also show the tip of the iceberg in the network, and is said to be equipped with a 4.6 -inch 1080 p a touch screen, built-in Xiao dragon 801 processors and 3 gb of memory, is expected to launch in early September ifa2014 exhibition.

Real machine photos exposure

From the point of the leak of true machine photos, SONY xperiaz3compact can indeed be called xperiaz3 mini version, its overall appearance basically is close to the same on the bottom of the processing more smoothly, with a thin body, especially the design of the up and down slightly wide bezel is markedness.However, this machine or xperiaz3 has differences in local details, such as a front-facing camera for the location of the traditions of the past, still has not been removed to the edge, and on the back of the camera and led slightly exaggerated distance as the fill light, believe in the future will become the focus of the user to vomit slot.

In addition, although SONY xperiaz3compact set of photos with transparent case, but can still be seen on both sides of the fuselage is metal, and the face of positive and negative of mobile phone is used double glass design, and also compared to the past to change the position of charging interface.As for mobile phone function specification, SONY xperiaz3compact is currently the strongest mini version, carrying a 4.6 -inch full 1080 p hd touch screen, and built-in high-pass Xiao dragon 801 processor, has three gbram exmorrs camera memory and 20.7 million pixels, and equipped with a stereo speakers.

Ifa conference

And according to the leaked information shown in the test certification in Japan, SONY xperiaz3compact model for PM - 0810 - bv/PM - 0812 - bv/PM - 0813 - bv series, the main difference on the network frequency is slightly different.Among them, the PM - 0810 - phone models for d5803 and m55w bv, the latter as the version for the Chinese market, while the PM - 0813 - bv is a version for the Japanese market, as for the PM - 0812 - phone models for d5833 of bv, will also be geared to the needs of the global market.

At the same time, according to people familiar with the previous the message in weibo, said SONY xperiaz3compact will hand in hand xperiaz3 officially released in early September ifa2014 exhibition in Germany.And the exposure of operator vodafone's internal system screenshots show that SONY xperiaz3 and z3compact will officially on sale in September 30, if true, that means this machine could be in September and we meet.

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