a lot of people want to ownMobile phoneLighter, but it has a powerful function.And now, as theSONYUpcoming Xperia Z3 Compact, perhaps the desire of the people will eventually be realized.According to the exposure recently on the InternetSONYXperia Z3 Compact real machine photos show that the machine is equipped with a 4.6 -inch 1080 p a touch screen and built-in Xiao dragon 801 processor, with 3 gbmemoryAnd a 20700000 megapixel camera, it can be said that in addition to having the shape of the lighter, the other major specifications are maintained the flagship model.

SONY Z3 exposure: 4.6 -inch 801 + Xiao dragons-86DIGI

From the leak on the network of SONY Xperia Z3 Compact machine photos to see, the appearance of this machine is with Xperia Z3 is, also used the narrow frame design, has a relatively thin body, while in the edge section of the fuselage has a smoother processing, looks like Xperia Z3 are very similar.And photos of the SONY XperiaZ3 Compact while wrapped in transparent cases, but can still be seen on both sides of the fuselage USES metal, andMobile phonePositive and negative of is doubleglassDesign.

At the same time than the SONY Xperia Z3, this mini version on the local details also have their own characteristics, such as a front-facing camera does not like SONY Xperia Z3 was removed to the edge, and the position of the magnetic charge mouth also seems to be changed, as for the back camera and LED slightly exaggerated as the fill light distance, are expected to become the focus of the user to vomit slot in the future.

SONY Z3 exposure: 4.6 -inch 801 + Xiao dragons-86DIGI
Bring aboutWill continue to support 4 k video

As for the mobile phone function specification, SONY Xperia Z3 Compact is currently the most powerful mini version, according to people familiar with the disclosure of the news that the machine is equipped with a 4.6 -inch the 1080 p full hd IPS touchscreen, a built-in high-pass Xiao dragon 801 processor, with 3 gb of RAMmemoryAnd 16 gb of storage capacity, and is equipped with stereo speakers and 20.7 million pixels Exmor RS cameras, support 4 k video recording, and other functions.

And according to the machine in the past leaked information shown in the test certification in Japan, SONY Xperia Z3 Compact model of PM - 0810 - BV/PM - 0812 - BV/PM - 0813 - BV series, various models of the main difference is that in support of network band is slightly different.Among them, the PM - 0810 - phone models for SONY D5803 and M55w BV, the latter as the version for the Chinese market, while the PM - 0813 - BV is a version for the Japanese market, as for the PM - 0812 - phone models for D5833 of BV, will also be geared to the needs of the global market.

SONY Z3 exposure: 4.6 -inch 801 + Xiao dragons-86DIGI
Bring will be on sale in September

And, according to leaked the news after SONY Xperia Z3 Compact with SONY Xperia Z3 together in early September IFA2014 Germany Berlin international consumer electronics show the official launch.At the same time from GermanyOperator,Vodafone's internal system screenshots show that SONY Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact will officially on sale in September 30, which means that the machine in the release soon after to meet with us.

Besides, SONY Xperia Z3 and two newest version D6643 and softbank version passed the certification of the us federal communications commission (FCC), according to past experience, this means that the machine will soon be on sale after the official release, this and the previous mentioned agreement on sale at the end of September.

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