Samsung Note4 Note series flagship essence

as a leading large screen mobile phone, samsung has been industriously, from the initial Note 1 to the present Note 3, Note series has passed three years, samsung in 3 years ushered in a new era of large-screen mobile phone.The latest Note 4 will also be marketed in the second half of the year!


Throughout the samsung Note before the three generations of products can be found on samsung Note series design essence: flagship configuration, design of human nature, comprehensive coverage!

Flagship configuration – from the current configuration of the samsung Note4: QHD display screen will use 1440 * 2560, which is the legendary “2 k resolution, compared with the mainstream of 1080 p has a big improvement, the size is 5.7 inches;Processor will be Xiao dragon 805 processor and Exynos processor, memory, up to 4 gb;To reach a staggering 2070 w pixel camera;Can say everything is mobile phone’s flagship, and the previous three generations of Note, samsung will continue to stand in the top of my performance!


Human nature design – as the main Note series, samsung has been fully considering the user’s demands, did very well in terms of humanized design.For high performance of mobile phone, high power consumption has been the user concerns, and Note series has been using super capacity battery, since launch Note1 is 2500 mah, Note2 is 3100 mah, Note3 is 3200 mah, the upcoming Note4 battery will reach more than 3600 mah, the performance improvement at the same time also can ensure the machine of standby time is not affected, of course, everything is founded on the basis of the machine is thinner, won’t make users feel more bulky.Since going public and SPen function is Note the biggest luminescent spot, large screen mobile phone many times need to manually operated, SPen to join can let users more convenient for all kinds of operation, of course the most important can effectively improve your productivity!Three proofing is Note4 the addition of a function, as the user for promoting sports, more and more people begin to set foot in the outdoor, and three prevention function to join more flexible Note series!

Universal coverage – Note is never boring words, with the evolution of the product, Note series launched a variety of colors to meet the personalized needs of users;Optional marketed as Note3 white and blue, and later joined the red and gold, etc.And upcoming Note4 will have the same color as the GALAXY S5, this means that the machine will also have four colour design is optional, carbon black, white, blue iron and copper gold;As for many network support has been the strong item of samsung, previous generations of Note products has always been a complete coverage of G + C, believe the Note4 also won’t let you down, no matter you use which kinds of networks, you can find belongs to own that one!

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