iPhone 6Message has been recently, recent foreign media exposure by 4.7 inchesiPhone6 and 5.5 -inch iPhone PCB logic board (without any chips).As you can see from the exposure of the PCB, the power IC and the iPhone 6WifiModule is relativelyiPhone 5SHas changed, and the collocation of A8 chip foot also clear the A7 is smaller.According to the fact people, iPhone 6 also will supportNFC, will increase to 2 gb memory.

NFC iPhone6 motherboard + 2 gb of memory, double size completely exposed-86DIGI
Exposure of the double size version of the iPhone 6 motherboard with 5 s

Smaller 20 nm process A8

According to the previous rumor, apple A7 successor's next A8 chip adopted 20 nm process, while the A7 only 28 nm process is adopted, so the exposure of the motherboard SoC chip foot before a relatively smaller on 5 s and speculation is very consistent.

Support NFC or requirements for operators

Fact people revealed that the iPhone 6 support NFC was actually due to China's three carriers strong demand, this also means that the iPhone 6 will support in the future based on NFC mobile payment function.

Camera continues to focus new patents

In addition to the main board exposure, the U.S. Patent Office has also revealed a new apple patents.The patents that apple device can continuously within a certain scopeautofocusAnd after the out-of-focus shooting, which to improve the iPhone camera and capture is very helpful.

Apple will be in the middle of September, according to previously released the iPhone 6.Specific time is probably the second or third week of September, if according to the new iOS 8 system will be 100 days after the WWDC push to calculate, the new iPhone 6 is also likely will be released on September 12th.

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