Q2 global mobile phone performance ranking: Note3 glory 6 1 2

ran points software rabbit rabbit global mobile phone performance rankings released the second quarter, samsung Galaxy Note 3 still strong performance ranking first, and the glory of the released in late June 6 ranks second, it is worth mentioning that the legend is the rabbit rabbit his father millet mobile phone does not appear in the top 10 list, it might be a little regret millet 4 is released in July.

Rabbit rabbit in the second quarter of the global mobile phone performance ranking

The mobile phone performance rankings from Ann rabbit rabbit statistical time from April to June this year, data from rabbit rabbit version 4.0.Graded for users to upload scores, Ann rabbit rabbit model statement statistics the same number of tests should be more than 200 department/time.

Xiao dragon has reached its acme in 800 optimization

A score of refuses to run a noisy era, is to measure the performance of a point, rather than the root of the mobile phone is good or bad.Although the second quarter of the top is not qualcomm Xiao dragon from the current 801 (MSM8974AC) pick up models, but the frequency of 2.3 GHz 800 quad-core chips samsung Note3 Xiao dragon, also illustrates the present samsung performance optimization of Xiao dragon 800 has reached extreme levels.We learned from a ranking data table Note3 record number is as high as 658860, the highest was divided into 42443, average of 38958.

Samsung Note3.

Haisi kirin 920 contributions

And the glory of the released in late June 6, run points also reached $37749, statistics the number of 37804 m/time, ranked second.Believe that the glory of statistical scores six here should be for the common 1.7 GHz version (H60 – L01), and not the recently released version 2.0 GHz supreme.6 can be ranked second title glory should be haisi kirin 920 eight core power.

Huawei honor 6 meter appearance

Domestic mobile phone half quota

In addition, the HTC One M8 points is to force, was third with 37602.A fourth is mobile phones rookie one plus, the samsung Galaxy S5, OPPO Find 7 standard edition, samsung S5 Prime, lenovo K920, vivo Xshot and LG G2 are also listed.

Although millet into 4 July release, but Ann rabbit rabbit does not appear in the top ten list a millet mobile phone.Have netizen laugh says list statistics is not science, should change shing rabbit rabbit version 5.0 to run points mapping, also some people called millet is now in the layout space strategy, only qualifying match in the whole universe mobile phone, don’t care the fighting capacity of only five friends on earth, equipment.Also can see that to this, the user has to run less care, also we assume that general understand mobile phone performance, experience is king.

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