This is a great god two generations?Cool MT6595 mobile

releaseMT6595When cool jump out to the outside world announced plans to launch its first support double card double stay of eight nuclear 4 g phones MTK –The great spirit F2Highly consistent, due to the time aspect, everyone’s consensus is F2 may carry MT6595 listed, proven, however, a great god F2 is adoptedMT6592+MT6290Solutions, rather than the legendary MT6595 eight nuclear LTE SOC.

For always liked coincided with a cool yulong, not chasing hot launch MT6595 phone is strange, in a few days ago, a suspected great god MT6595 phone Ann rabbit rabbit run screenshot has been exposed in the network.

The picturePhone models made of code, but it can see the word “coolpad”, the other is upgraded from F1 F2 will adoptMTK6592LTE version, the great god product is likely to be a great god/upgrade version of the great god 1 s 2 generations – a great god identity, or belonging to the great god entirely new products.The machine running on the picture and previous exposureMysterious MT6595 phone runClose, although with MTK official testing machine 4 w7 scores have small gap, but more than 44000 points from is enough to attract the eye.

Screenshot also exposes a great god other product information, from the double SIM card icon in the notification bar to be sure, a great god, new continued cool emphasized on 4 g product, the route of the double card can support double card double stay.

Than MTK mobile phone chips before upgrade obvious MT6595 once caused great repercussions after release, the conference had out of stock speculation, but officials confirmed 8 – in September will be bulk supply, subsequent supply is not a problem, always like to rob of yulong cool most likely will be the first to launch the MT6595 one of the manufacturers of products, namely, 8, release the product in September.

2 generations a great god

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