Lenovo's low-end products to market as waters, high-end products are hardly is rich, can even be called necessities, and last year was born VIBE brand was born in order to change this situation, and the first two models VIBE and VIBE Z X currently have slashed prices, it is also remind you that new is about to kill.

Sure enough, lenovo has formally issued a notice, will be held on August 5, product launches, and a new productThe picture, from the point of design, physical phone fair public appearances this year the VIBE of Z2 PRO is finally coming.

Representing the highest level of lenovo is the new specification is stronger than it has ever been a lenovo smartphone, Z2 PRO adopted6 inches 2560 * 1440 high resolution display, with a 2.5 GHz frequency Xiao dragon Lord 801 processor, built-in 3 gb of RAM and 32 gb ROMLarge memory, based on the Android 4.4 VIBE of custom UI.This kind of mobile phone camera specification is also very cow X, front autodyne cameras to 5 million pixels, 16 million pixels main camera support OIS optical image stabilization function, support 4 g network.

Probably everyone pay attention to the propaganda of bold, background, and yes, this is the lenovo VIBE Z2 PRO back shell texture, Z2 PRO and S860, is after all metal shell design.Since the shell is coated type design, combined with beautiful texture and metal material, the whole machine and metal feeling.In addition VIBE Z2 PRO thickness is thin enough, only 7.7 mm, ca. 81.3 mm wide.

Although it is no way of knowing the real performance of the machine, but light configuration, appearance, VIBE Z2 PRO already have flagship wind, called big recruit level products.

6 inches 2 k screen VIBE Z2 PRO released on August 5-86DIGI
6 inches 2 k screen VIBE Z2 PRO released on August 5-86DIGI
6 inches 2 k screen VIBE Z2 PRO released on August 5-86DIGI

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