For a long time, the height of the Android platform open all let people relish.In comparison, apple's iOS system in this respect is more "cheap".Even manufacturers for the user to be able to get a better experience, specifically for their own intelligent mobile equipment development matching UI interface.

Based on the height of the Android platform has always been open, when we hear the Android will Wear support third-party custom interface, don't feel surprised at all.And at the same time, Google official also confirmed that the rumors, and announced that this API is under development.

A few days ago, come from Google Android Wear developers Wayne Piekarski said: "his team is working on developing a custom dial API."At the same time, he also said: an official API, to Android thrive.And now the same is true for Android Wear, official API will make custom watches UI interface easier, and can ensure that they are more attractive on the vision.

At the same time, Wayne Piekarski also said: the official API development speed should be fast, will be officially launched later this year.Had appeared in the after Google Play a small amount of custom interface for Android Wear third-party dial APP, but have different degree, there are some flaws.Suggest developers so wait for the full version of the official API to develop similar APP after launch.

Google also said at the same time, the forthcoming official API can help equipment manufacturers to launch a simple custom dial UI interface.Will also prolong battery life as much as possible without extra electricity, make custom interface can be better integrated into the whole.

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