LG G3 sales by word of mouth full beyond S5 gradually into the hottest new flagship emperor

As the two giants on the south Korean mobile phone market, samsung and LG has always been the most intense competition for market share.This year released their flagship smartphone sales contest, LG G3 users reputation or actual sales force, samsung, became the most hit South Korea’s flagship new emperor.According to south Korean media reports, LG G3 since on the market in South Korea on May 28, on an average day sales up to 25000 units, those of the samsung Galaxy S5 listed at the beginning of the average daily sales of 7000-7000.Catch up with the samsung S5 LG G3 not only in terms of sales, more in the hardware configuration, the product experience and so on various aspects seconds kill samsung S5, as Korea’s flagship department representative.

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Hardware configuration: LG G3 innovation and powerful

Though on the basic configuration, two models of loading is 2.5 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 quad-core processors.But the LG G3 in cameras and mobile phone screen is S5 forget to dust the mo and ascension.LG G3 is the first with a laser autofocus function of mobile phone, focusing process only 276 milliseconds, making it the fastest mobile phone taking pictures.With enhanced OIS optical image stabilization technology, under the environment of weak light and teleport still can quickly focus, captured images clearly.In addition, the G3 also has dual LED flash, and blend in gesture, created the unique self-timer.The samsung GALAXY S5 is equipped with 16 million pixels front-facing camera, rear + 2.1 million pixels in real-time HDR mode, but the lack of optical image stabilization and laser autofocus function, stability and focus speed than the G3 and many wonderful moments may be sorry to miss because of this problem.

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In addition, in terms of the screen, LG G3 is first introduced in 5.5 inch screen level 2 k screen smart phones, its use of 5.5 inches of 2560 x 1440 pixels Quad HD screens, has 538 ppi as density, the resolution is four times the size of the HD screen, is nearly two times of Full HD screen.And S5 is equipped with a 5.1 -inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels FHD screen, far more than the G3 inferior in terms of resolution.

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Powerful in the game of the feeling and the screen size, G3.G3 is equipped with a 5.5 -inch screen, screen proportion is as high as 76.4%, the mobile phone is not big, and easy one-handed operation;Samsung S5 screen accounted for only 70.12% is relatively inferior, so when two phones together, 5.1 inches of S5 and 5.5 -inch G3 is held in one hand and differences, the screen size and visual impact, however, S5 is unable to contend with the G3.

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In color reduction degree test, LG G3 to closer to the nature of color temperature is better than that of the GALAXY S5 slightly blue color temperature performance.This means using G3 at pictures and video is much better than the S5, Quad HD screen vivid display effect can give the user more striking visual experience.

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In addition, in the allocation of storage capacity, LG G3 provides a wide variety of choices.G3 2940 ma removable battery is higher than the S5 battery capacity configuration, more can meet the needs of users.

Intelligent application: LG G3 practical and human nature

In addition to the powerful hardware configuration, LG G3 has also developed several full of human nature, closer to the user use the intelligent application, including the application of the technique of adaptive intelligent keyboard, more human qualities of intelligent cleaning and security privacy features unmatched intelligence, and convenient and safe way to unlock new tapping decoding, and other functions.Samsung GALAXY S5 has, by contrast, fingerprint identification, waterproof and heart rate monitoring features, is relatively small, limited appeal.

The minimalist design: LG G3 and comfortable atmosphere

In appearance and the design of user interface, LG G3 will “Simple is the new smart” design concept is developed to get incisively and vividly.More importantly, in the pursuit of delicate, concise and look at the same time, user comfort when using secured.In appearance, G3 continue to use the buttons on the back, front and a design, no entity keys all around the fuselage overall concise and elegant, elegant brushed metal coating more texture.The samsung GALAXY S5 back cover part adopts the leather material, and pits are handled.Overall, G3 more luxurious atmosphere.And LG G3 adopted the suspension design more accord with human body engineering, have a more comfortable grip.

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(image is derived from the network)

And also USES a simplified approach to the user interface, remove all unnecessary graphics, the user can focus more focused on the content itself.In addition, five main application is designed to be five different colors, so that the user can more intuitive know that they which application is being used.

Taken together, both in the hardware configuration, intelligent application, design, or in terms of user experience, LG G3 overall performance is beyond the S5.LG G3 is, as it were, on the market at present the deserved flagship new emperor.

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