Late millet bracelet, what competitive?

It wasn’t long before is the “big day” millet, also is the annual product launch, 4 protagonist is, of course, millet, and perhaps red rice Note 2. At the same time, the indications are that they will have launched more than six months of millet hand ring, but also brought some questions worth thinking about.



Since the Jawbone UP, Fitbit since the first intelligent bracelet with launched last year, this product has gone through a long time of development, some mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own products at home and abroad, and even a lot of shenzhen mobile phone manufacturers have also do bracelet “career”.So why put off till now will launch intelligent bracelet products?


But so far, the intelligent hand ring seems to be in a very embarrassing situation, first of all, they either price is a little bit higher, or bad experience, more important is that they basically do not have to pioneers original vision: actively promote users improve their own health, but became numerous users “I once silly x to follow suit” souvenir.In this case, why millet and upstream?


From the recent photos, millet bracelet once again bear the porter “original design”, look a bit like huawei honor bracelet, samsung Gear Fit has been listed in the intelligent hand ring, but the location of the original screen only left a piece of metal, may look after two low some, why so millet “design”?


Huawei honor bracelet


In addition, after another theory is that millet bracelet there will be a “very special features”, this is what is it?



With all sorts of questions, I according to the current understanding of millet, boldly make some simple analysis and speculation.


Why now just launched?Is more mature and a lower cost


Millet is not a radical innovative companies, tend to be more in the industrial chain has more mature solutions, lower costs will formally take out after their products (of course after they may have started to research and development), the original beautiful MIUI ROM is the case, then all kinds of products, such as smart TV set-top box, smart TV, intelligent routing is such, is the most “hunger marketing” this concept derived from apple is improved after being moved, ingeniously combines the spirit of the Internet.


The intelligent hand ring also encountered many problems, one is the hardware quality is uneven, inaccurate data, even some choose material may cause allergic reaction;Is a software experience, form a complete set of mobile application a bit simple, function of it few;And there’s a cost, this led directly to some of the price of the product is high.


Millet mall on the Jawbone UP2 is 1100 yuan, jingdong mall 1400 multivariateAfter a period of time, in the industry have had some relatively mature hardware scheme, costs are under control and can be adopted by millet, are the strong suits of the millet as for software, the problem is unlikely.



Why no screen?Control the cost, saves the electricity


Photos show the millet bracelet design “reference” glory hand ring and Gear Fit, but the position of the screen into a metal or plastic, metallic seem a bit neither fish nor fowl, because throughout the various intelligent bracelet available in the market, or to take a screen, or plastic, little would be this kind of design.Small make up speculation, is likely to be millet considering the cost and the last two factors, but don’t want design too drab, so only with metal.


A piece of ordinary metal cost should be lower than the LED screen, also due to the need of electronic components, saved a space not only, and the weight is reduced accordingly.Rightly, millet hand ring also don’t need to screen the loss.


, of course, now we haven’t seen the real, this piece of metal or metal plastic might not like plump hand ring has LED dot matrix is used to display content, or bracelets and glory, the following is independent of the host, can remove alone?


Why do you want to upstream?In fact, now is the best time


Previous health class wearable smart devices have a problem, is a different brand each dry equipment recorded data has not been effective utilization of the clouds up, users are divided.


Now the opportunity came, not long ago, Google launched Google Fit, apple Health Kit, Android and iOS with in a version of the Health management center, used to collect the measured data, and wearable equipment not only allows users to share data on the unified platform, you can also use Google and apple in the big data efforts to maximize the use of these data.


Google Fit and Health Kit is finally here


Millet bracelet can, of course, access to the two platforms, but small make up prediction, millet will follow their launch similar management center, and turn it into the beautiful MIUI ecological circle with a large number of users.We all know that the rice noodles are like comparison, so in the near future, not only can the rice noodles are foreign “refuses to run a points”, internal might also be derived “refuses to run a step”.


Special function guess


Compared to the front several topics, to hide the special function of speculation should be the most popular among netizens, after a tipster described it very special, such as waterproof, vibration (hehe), information to remind the is too ordinary, don’t know what do you have in mind?


Here are some listed a potential:


Points ranking model, millet unique to run?Possibility seems to be quite high


, remote wake up your cell phone?


, I find mobile phone function?




Millet hand ring also can run?(picture from mobile phones China)


Millet bracelet how to face the challenge, how to hide secret weapon, will be announced soon.Although millet and lei jun is often dark, but they have launched a variety of products, most of them are doing more successful (personally think that failure is the millet routing slightly), believe that experienced they should also won’t miss this time.

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