HTC One M8 will receive android version to upgrade

HTC One M8 will receive android version to upgradeHTC One M8 will receive android version to upgrade

Sina mobile phones – 22 July morning news, HTC in the system update of Android models has been very positive, this also is to let users like the biggest cause of the brand.Recently, HTC said will be within the next week for the HTC One M8 push Android 4.4.3 to upgrade.The upgrade package is not large, mainly to fix some bugs.

Vice President of HTC management Mo Versi on Twitter, said HTC plans later in the week as the HTC One M8 with Android 4.4.3 push.Yes, it’s not the latest Android 4.4.4, but Android 4.4.3.Some of this Versi said Android 4.4.4 security patches have been integrated to the push of the Android 4.4.3.But this update is only for international version (i.e., no lock version) of HTC One M8.

At the same time, HTC also mentioned before, will be within 90 days after receive updates from Google to Android HTC One M8 L upgrade.In a word, HTC One users upgrade to the latest version of the M8 just around the corner.

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