According to the fact a great god evleaks news released on twitter, said HTC phones will first carry WP8.1 system named, Verizon is expected by the operators in the third quarter of this year was officially launched.It is understood that the machine still retain dual cameras on hardware configuration as well as the full metal fuselage.

HTC first WP8.1 phone exposure, or in the third quarter-86DIGI

HTC first WP8.1 phone exposure (image from tencent)

Evleaks disclosure on twitter, said it was named the HTC aircraft will carry WP8.1 system, and will be used by the operator Verizon officially launched in the third quarter of this year.Evleaks also revealed that HTC is based on HTC A9 development, while the machine is HTC is a mobile phone, rumors will be have a high-end hardware configuration, but the price is relatively cheap cost-effective models.

Besides evleaks, Taiwan media also came news that HTC model also the carrying of the HTC BoomSound sound effects, and it also adopted the Duo Cameras camera depth of field, as for the appearance of mobile phones should be used HTC One M8 all metal design.

Although HTC for the message and not post a comment, but in combination with previous HTC American President Jason Mackenzie said, their new Windows Phone device has been on the road, and revealed a great god evleaks revealed in the previous message, believe that HTC launched WP8.1 system Phone isn't crazy.

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