A few days ago, I have an article, Android smart watch hurriedly capitulations, began to use the Android platform Wear.After doing the Android 4.4 smart watches friend vomit slot, said they have difficulties.Android now Wear though there is a Google recommended product or two, but for other developers, is only a simple development kit, can't use the product immediately.

Android Wear has become more mature and is easy to use is only a matter of time.The whole Android Wear is has a lot of advantages, from the following details can see 20 function.(the kernel)

Google smart watch platform Android Wear and two hardware equipment now has formally entered the market, for users, how to fully understand and use the operating system has become the top priority.If you are familiar with the process of, the following article 20 use advice may help you for LG G Watch (for example).

The 20 advantages of Android Wear smart watches-86DIGI

The dim the screen at once

Android Wear can be quickly dim the screen to save power, but you can also manually to accelerate this process.Just dial the entire cover with the palm, and then after the equipment vibrates, the screen will be dimmed.

19. The steps and set daily goals

Android will Wear automatic tracking steps you through every day, and keep track of your overall performance.You can see this information in fitness applications, and set up the goal of every day.When you finish after the targets set by the, the system will also issued a circular to remind.

The 20 advantages of Android Wear smart watches-86DIGI

18. Close the screen

"Always open" display is one of the features of Android Wear, but even in the dim of black and white mode, the screen is still in power.If you for life, some worry, you can choose in the Settings menu of closed always open options screen.But want to wake up the screen, you can click on the screen with your fingers or will tilt to his wrist.

17. To turn it off completely

Also in the Settings menu, you also can be completely shut down the equipment.But want to switch on again, you can only connect it to the charging base, Android is no switch machine Wear equipment.

16. Change the dial

The 20 advantages of Android Wear smart watches-86DIGI

Don't like Android Wear the default dial?You just need to press the screen with your fingers for a few seconds, you will see more dial to select.In addition, you also can realize the operation in the middle of the Settings menu.

15. Looking for compatible applications

On a mobile phone to open the Android application, Wear and then scroll to the bottom of the home screen, you'll see the compatible application.Although the quantity is not much, but it will soon have to change.

14. Restore factory Settings

If there's any problem in equipment, you can choose to restore factory Settings in the Settings menu.But when using this function had better be careful, because the system of all the data will be deleted.

13. Reset the watch

The 20 advantages of Android Wear smart watches-86DIGI

No any button is a bold move, this also means that when the equipment breakdown or crash at the same time, you can't speak by holding down the power button for several seconds methods to restore it.But don't worry, the equipment have a reset button on the back cover, you can use the sharp objects it a prod, can realize the reset.

12. Adjust the screen brightness

Screen brightness for life has a great influence on the equipment, if you can stand the dark screen, with its return for longer life is worth it.You can be found in the Settings menu to adjust the brightness of the screen option.

11. Take pictures

If you installed the Google on your phone camera application, can the Android Wear as used by the remote control shutter.

10. Open the developer mode

The 20 advantages of Android Wear smart watches-86DIGI

As well as Android, Android Wear also can open the developer mode, open means no change.You need to click on the "about" in the Settings menu, and then click on the "internal version number" for several times, the developer mode will be opened.

9. Learn a new language

DuoLingo is a good application of foreign language learning, while in the latest version of its developer added support for Android Wear, it allows the user to more easily to learn a foreign language.,

Binary dial 8. Get cool

Think of the built-in dial some boring?Google Play is on the third party of dial, for users to choose.

7. Play Flappy Bird

The 20 advantages of Android Wear smart watches-86DIGI

Can run the Android Wear not only, also can play games, such as the recently popular "Flappy Bird".

6. Open applications by voice

Speech is to control the Android essential way to Wear alone to talk you can everything in the control system, including the open application.You just need to say "OK" Google "to activate the voice function, and then say" open "XXX, the relevant application will begin to run.

5. The voice search

The 20 advantages of Android Wear smart watches-86DIGI

Similarly, after say "OK" Google ", you can then start asking questions, and answer it directly on the watch.

4. Take notes

Although Google Keep arrival time is not long, but has become one of the popular applications.The Android platform of Wear, you just say "" taking notes, you can start to record voice notes.

3. Look for food

The 20 advantages of Android Wear smart watches-86DIGI

Allthecooks is a let you browse recipes of food and learning.In order to simplify the shopping process, the application can purchase list will be pushed to the watch dial.

2. Share the location information quickly

A large number of Android users have begun to use Glympse to friends and family to share their current location, the device in the recently added support for Android Wear again.Open the application on the watch, you can choose to share current location and time is expected to reach the most often contact.

1. The performance notifications

Bandsintown is another recently joined the Android Wear support application, he will provide local performance information to the user.(Eskimo)

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