Blackberry has officially announced, will be officially launched similar to Google and apple Siri GoogleNow voice assistant service.Although the blackberry has always been in the field of mobile intelligent device stubborn conservative, but for the blackberry fans, gift for being late is better than no gifts.

Blackberry this app name is quite straightforward - "blackberry assistant" (BlackBerryAssistant).The Canadian established handset makers, doesn't seem to be willing to follow on the name of apple and Microsoft geek style.It is understood that the latest blackberry assistant will accompany BB10.3 system together.At the appointed time, the blackberry's Passport flagship handset released this fall, will be the first to enjoy the service of the equipment.

What can we learn from the foreign media reports, the blackberry assistant on the function basic consistent with Siri and Cortana and other similar products.Users can by voice command issued blackberry assistant, let it set a timetable, the search query, send text messages, and so on.It is worth noting that the blackberry aides have driving mode, convenient pilot operations, without affecting the driving safety.

The development of speech recognition and artificial intelligence technology, let voice life assistant, became the giant of science and technology LTD.Especially as wearable devices, connected to the Internet, on the arrival of the Internet of things has been greatly liberated Labour people, hope to have enough equipment again, his hands free.Predictably, the future voice, motion tracking, machine intelligence operation will become the mainstream in the development of intelligent device.

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