5 in 2 k screen mediatek MT6595 engineering machine

In this year’s large-scale exhibitions for many times,mediatekAll exhibitedMT6595Scheme of the prototype, but the prototype configuration, run grading further news but no one knows, the answer has been announced a few days ago,MT6595 conferencePublished more than 47000 points on cattle X achievement is said by the engineering prototype, and test of engineering machine configuration can be described in “playing god”.

Because is show the machine, the prototype integrates current top configuration, the most unexpected thing is part of the screen, the machine USES 5 inch display, but it is 2560 * 1440 resolution!Producer prices up to a staggering 588.Processor SOC MT6595 eight nuclear LTE, of course, in addition, the machine is equipped with 20 mp camera, supports TDD/FDD – double 4 g LTE network, etc.

See the prototype, it is estimated that everyone will think of early in GFXBench databaseAlcatel OneTouch D820, go against the alcatel phone also has a screen specifications, D820 screen size smaller, only 4.6 inches, but resolution and mediatek engineering machine, 1440 p, producer prices higher, with the operation of the 3 gb of memory, is also carryMTK6595Eight cores.

Through the signs are not difficult to speculate that MT6595 enhanced physique, adopt the flagship MT6595 eight nuclear, positioning terminal use 2 k screen is not a dream, and of course the QHD screen facing the biggest problem is that power consumption, if is a small screen machine, FHD screen is enough.

Alcatel One Touch D820

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