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After attending the hammer technology product launch in May, I wrote an article “passion and feel the warmth of the world”, is football’s old fenqing, new media industry pacesetter table 3 denounced for fans of the upper part of attitude is serious, so I decided to write down half of today.

This article is not a belated assessment, because in addition to MacTalk readers and some friends, nobody urged me to written.Write, because I am a consumer electronics enthusiasts, on the other hand, do best of all worthy of respect, I only hope this product can become better.

Articles as much as possible on the basis of the subjective feeling of objectivity, neutrality, abandon feelings, and spirit, if not clean…Dare you to bite me!

Packaging paper

On a sunny morning, the sky blue is not negative, the sun hung in the air, not dazzling, but golden light, I received a SMS hammer technology companies.Text message said, your Smartisan T1, and, when you receive phone, we have prepared a upgrade, after the boot connected wi-fi can complete the upgrade.To see this message I feel very happy, mobile phone use for so many years never vendor reminds me upgrade system, the general principle is: can be upgraded, you love not litres, sauce.

Because Mr. Luo at the news conference has introduced in T1 box, get real feelings, and I was not particularly impressive after is attached to the outside box cato let me surprise, because T1 is using a Micro card, and I just have a wireless Nano card, have the cato can direct the use of mobile phones, leave out the trouble on the Internet to buy the cato.

From SMS to cato, are reflected on the details of an enterprise idea, of course, these experiences are for our this kind of person, one thing will always be two dimensions, light and darkness.Such as a lot of people’s attitude is: “ya just to deliver goods to ROM upgrade, it is finished?”Of cato’s attitude is: “to send a few dollars of cato would want to buy off?”See these comments I am ha ha, not only in the thinking of the five department of “apple” :

Steve jobs in the early years of the apple system is designed to be closed, he is said to have personality, cool.Then he began to compromise in order to accommodate market and users said Steve is moderate, cow force.

Bill Gates?When he left, people said he was a bastard, when he was at the right time, people say his turtle son, when Bill Gates took him do almost all of the property donated to charity, all thumbs cocked up.

How do you to somebody else?Sometimes, life is just a normal a little is enough.

Take out the “natural” pride after T1, open the barrier, you can see four proportional to put white accessories, USB cable and winding machine, circular plug, screw box and like arts and crafts with a screwdriver.If you’re a perfectionist or obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, will be in the design of these parts are met, take tone color, size, each item in the correct position.USB line of handheld part adopts the concave and convex design, according to the fingers of intuition, concave upward will be inserted.Although this design is not like apple from line can be positive and negative, but with the smallest cost innovation can solve the problem of wrong operation, inductive known, admirable.In addition, I too like the screwdriver, fine!


Full-bodied black box, T1, white with black accessories together appears calm, simple sense and simplicity, is to have the connotation of low-key costly way.However, with the same simple iPhone packing box, this goods is a little too big?

Hardware article

T1 is lighter than I had imagined, on the effect of hammer technology website feel T1 will be thick, see objects found T1 only slightly thicker than the iPhone5S, has examined the data, one is 8.23 mm, one is 7.6 mm and 0.63 mm.But on the whole weight of the T1 is indeed more than iPhone5S and m 3, if you used the iphone 5/5 s, start one hand grip T1 will feel heavy.

T1 in the industrial design perfect follow a symmetrical aesthetics.Symmetry is common in the world, is one of the most easy to accept human beauty.For example, glittering and translucent snowflake, beautiful butterfly, colorful petals, magnificent ancient buildings, the porcelain of of primitive simplicity is showing a full tiancheng beauty of symmetry.A lot of consumer electronics will follow the symmetrical design, but often to the difficulty of the compromise in the process, such as T1 perverse almost kept absolutely symmetrical design, I still see for the first time.T1 panel arranged three entities function keys at the bottom of the center, tactility is dye-in-the-wood.On either side of the fuselage each have two function keys, which can be used to adjust the volume, brightness, screenshots, snapping, absolute center.Centered at the bottom of the USB interface, flanked by two symmetrical speakers and symmetrical fixed screw back.Is at the top of the headphone socket and power key, for the sake of symmetry, the power button to make the hole size and headset consistent round button, and headphone jack symmetrical arrangement.Back in the position of the camera is also kept on with along, left along the equal distance.The only not follow this principle is the Logo on the back, scrub round T tag in the back of the upper position.

T1 screen and back are adopted is full of simple sense of glass material, back after polishing the edges have subtle surface transition, increased by one hand grip comfort.The symmetrical design of the overall and glass material, surface design, make the whole cell phone gives fully in the thick glittering and translucent moist and colorful, if the palm of your hand dry, you will feel the fuselage silky smooth, this makes me cringe.However, if you are a great khan hands, then the T1 will become a fingerprint machine.

Ok, tell me about the place where I feel bad.Due to absolute symmetry in the middle of the two function keys in one hand grip when not on the edge of the finger, while in hand on the next point position, if you want to adjust the volume, need to bend the thumb to be able to.

Is also in pursuit of symmetry, the power button is too small, pressure is not very convenient, switch machine or close the screen often require fumbled.In terms of ease of use, designed to iPhone5S rectangle button seems to be better.

In addition, the T1 back didn’t do any grind arenaceous processing, smooth, smooth as silk, price may be endless fingerprints and scratches.

Finally, in the pursuit of perfection now frivolous industrial age, T1 seems a little heavy, especially for female users.About this, I specially consulted some big face girl, who, with a clueless look on his face with their giant samsung Galaxy Note and series such as red rice Note Note phone (on the heavy shower), and T1 than than does a weigh in hand, and said not heavy.Well, not fish, how to know the joy of fish?In terms of weight, I have some relief (sin, hope they won’t see this article).

About hardware, only the last step: open the backboard, install the SIM card.

According to the Internet, particular way is: unscrewed the screw and upward push gently, click a sound, the back is open.I went to see the two screws, as a result, happy, found that real machine of screw is not screw up, so I push…What didn’t happen!I was pushing a pair of, back sends out a faint light, according to the face of my sweat, still!I looked back and fit the whole machine, thought, hemp denier is cheated?

I find the hammer on the micro letter technology staff: you say, it’s what’s going on?They encouraged me: pool teacher you don’t try so hard, the approach that’s right, is your strength is too small, have to maintain the palm of your hand dry, hands grip at the bottom of the phone to push up.That’s ok, you push hard, we hammer is hale and hearty.Dry hands, so I get up the courage and the sucking force, make the push force, click a sound, back finally opened.

SIM card finally met T1, they want happiness of life together, but I was lost in deep sorrow, those women who don’t have a boyfriend T1 users do?Remember, if you see a gorgeous girl on the T1 illustrsation, must first blunt past, said with me!


After yesterday’s article, many readers replied that figure is too little, idle come tonight, mobile phone took a few more, to readers.

Burst the T1 on the Internet today some product quality problems, some readers asked me if a similar problem.Now I get really machine in appearance will be a problem, on the design of questionable place I have written in hardware.As to whether the other user’s mobile phone has a problem, I don’t care, I’m not a hammer the shareholders of science and technology, they also didn’t pay me a dime advertisement cost, therefore, should be concerned about the old and the hammer’s science and technology staff.We are from the perspective of product design to evaluate the product, today is the “software”.

Software article

First of all to be clear, Smartisan OS is based on the Android 4.4 operating system, which is essentially an Android system, many people will the level of the operating system of the T1 to the iOS to compare, in fact this is not appropriate, also is not fair to Smartisan OS, because both the content of science and technology is completely different.Can be compared with iOS, Android itself only at present.But this does not hinder us on the basis of the original Android build its own innovative customization system, actually almost the entire mobile phone manufacturers in the world are doing.This is our major premise of this software.

I experienced a lot of Android customization system, basic same, but really come Smartisan OS, have my wonderful.Lose or win, this kind of attempt and courage are worthy of our respect.


T1 is I used to use an Android phone at its most fluent, so may not be appropriate, because I had used several Android phones.Then put it another way, T1 is fluent degree is very close to the iphone 5, including desktop switching, animation effects, open the App and App using effect and so on, are very smooth.The ability to deal with large data to test the GUI, I in the iphone 5 and T1 operating on the function of micro letter of friends group (I have been in the heinous function “ten Suggestions” micro letter product manager of the gag, interested can go to a history in flip), the iphone 5 only slightly, and thousands of users’ information displays caton, T1 is less, often sad to tell you: “micro letter now, are you want to turn it off, or to turn it off”.I chose to wait, finally also uncomfortable completed the operation.

Android kernel process management mode is not set to prioritize GUI behavior, this point and iOS is completely different.IOS’s handling of the GUI is the highest priority, if I remember right, order response Touch, Media, Service, the Core layer, in other words, as long as you put your chubby fingers on the screen, the system will response GUI operation, as far as possible to give priority to Touch this hierarchy, and then the other services layer.Why is faster than Android, iOS, of course, this is almost can be described using a long document, such as hardware acceleration, openness and closeness of adapter hardware problems, such as no longer in detail here.

So the Android mobile phone it can reach the fluency of the iphone 5, I am very satisfied.Of course, we do not rule out the Android 4.4.


Is the biggest bright spot Smartisan OS desktop system, compared with other Android OS, recognition is very high.T1 desktop adopted jiugong/ten natural design concept, and through the thin line segmentation for pieces of magnet and the table, each icon in the middle of magnet.Icon of mobile animation is very delicate, you are not alone to drag an icon, but the drag a suspension magnet, operate have qualitative feeling very much.

Smartisan OS to native Android applications ICONS do the brand-new design, design level belongs to top grade, and scratchable latex or ten natural layout combination like nature itself.But the newly installed third party program icon was not so great, because of the mobile phone did not form a standard, a hammer no Smartisan Human Interface Guidelines, there are few vendors will separate for hammer technology icon, Mr. Luo as a obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, in order to guarantee the consistency of the UI for a lot of redrawing the App icon, but these ICONS level and compared the several primary icon is much less.In addition, there will be a big new on newly installed App, I think it is too much design on this, although the new will disappear after clicking on the icon, but still lower than the iOS that subtle blue dot to the nature.

Native icon down the third-party icon interface.

Smartisan OS special offers desktop Settings, you can choose the android native, scratchable latex, 10 sixth, can choose to hide desktop icon name.Desktop much plate Settings make T1 desktop system become the most efficient, and start the tools icon.On the plate in the interface, you can select multiple new desktop icon directly composition, can click on the icon to achieve quick start section, also can to protect and hide a desktop icon.After a few days playing with, I chose the ten natural desktop, a single interface and the interface of the plates as follows, more into several plates interface is also very quick, click the menu button at the bottom of the panel or on the surface of the table to do double refers to knead to pinch operations.

Desktop animation is my very favorite, when you switch desktop theme or sliding unlock, the magnet on the desktop will make a very gorgeous suspension after joint action, every time I see the animation, I am reminded of a breeze through the water ripples or autumn wind blowing leaves tumbling scenario.

As a whole, creative hammer mobile desktop systems, there are many local designers should learn.See someone high-profile brag, light spray is useless, it will only make you become a young spray, then into a spray are old.While the real creator, has always been my stride.

Humanized design

Smartisan OS did a lot of humanized design, such as for both operation Settings, capture the optional area, mute, optional mute when time message delay to send, quickly snapped during work, contact according to location, using frequency and add time, sorting, there are so few leave me deep influence:

1, palm swept through eliminating Angle standard: this operation I tried several times didn’t succeed, then found must return flange joint screen.But regret is the Angle of only a few native App will appear and other third-party applications could do.

2, thumb down screen hovering: I am not a left-handed, but have always loved one hand with his left hand operating mobile phone, let me on the T1 time this function

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still can single hand operation, and response the success rate is very high.

3, calendar of events drag-and-drop operation: if your regular things more, and again a procrastination patients, there will always be a need to finish work tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, our previous operation is done by editing, in T1 calendar App, you can long press event, and then drag it to other date, very convenient.

T1 screen display effect is very good, and the iPhone 5 together, almost no difference in the performance of the bright light is the iPhone better.T1 larger screen, however, is more suitable for electronic reading, it is very attract me.In addition, the system automatically adjusts the screen brightness already do enough.

The browser

The browser is one of my common App, but Smartisan OS do poorly, bookmarks can neither and ripped synchronization, also can’t synchronize with Google Chrome, and doesn’t even have a shortcut to the home page, this beautiful MIUI native browser do better.

The input method

Use the input method of iOS, cut to the Android im still need to adjust slightly, the virtual keyboard more smoothly than beautiful MIUI.The default input method contact Chinese intelligent error correction and prompt function is great treasure, input long sentences, about 70% of the time.


T1 sound quality is very good, I use the new version of the iPhone EarPods and millet respectively piston headphones listening, sound clear, distinct, I feel good.But I am not an expert in sound effects, no longer say more.

System comes with the music of the built-in player similar to classic vinyl player, you can stir stir turntable and the stylus to operate music, but only a pause function, turntable is needle tube quickly into retreat quickly, I get dizzy with the two operation completely, until asked hammer technology staff.

T1 does not provide a headset, also do not fit the existing headphones, the drive-by-wire can only realize the function of pause and the next, unable to achieve the volume control.Hammer researchers said temporarily does not support volume increase and decrease, also temporarily not out their own headphones.I’m not happy to hear this feedback.

In addition, if there is a notice or SMS when listening to the music sound, basically can disrupt the music, and then continue, rather like the iOS, the volume down into the background sound of music, and then continue.I think the latter is more slow, some experience is better.


Used the iOS notifications, you will feel the T1 notification is too simple, in addition to basic via the dropdown menu to see no other way.Each App notify the way not to custom, so you don’t like iOS, see notice information on the lock screen mobile phone.

In addition, the system notice of most of the third party App does not support Angle, which used to the iOS Angle mark I amore.

Software will wind things up here, I picked out some impressive elements and functions are described, and hope to help the practitioner of the mobile Internet, also hope to hammer technology of mobile phone can do it better.

Life with fever

Finally come to talk about a range of T1 and fever, this seems to be the worst defect.After the first day I get a real machine installed a few screen application, use or charge mobile phone calorific value is big, in the process of power lost is in no hurry the ostrich.Eased after two days of this kind of circumstance, the use of time, calorific value decreased, but long time use of calorific value is still greater than the iphone 5, I think it is a science and technology must solve the problem, can only look forward to the next version of the ROM, I hope it’s not at the expense of the cost of fluency to reduce heat.


At this point, about Smartisan T1 finished.To summarize, the design of the T1 this phone has not been limited by the public phones on the market the category and the iPhone, also didn’t go to deliberately pander to the public, but has a unique thinking and innovation.A product were designed, but the public doesn’t care about you, feelings, originality, and the process of the ideal, also won’t care about product creators, they see the final product.For the creator, every creative, details and process needs to hone and implementation.Once you have the original design experience, before all efforts will be wiped out, is not easy.

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