6 inch 2 GHZ eight nuclear TCL H900M overhand video

4 g era of TCL more positive, nearly period of time often can see TCL new propaganda, popular products for yao yao da 4 g version, the machine’s positioning is the same with the 3 g version, through the price to obtain the net friend’s heart.But in addition to the price of less than one thousand yuan of new products, TCL also prepared a big wave 4 g phone, there is the most worth waiting forTCL H900M, it not only large screen and high screen proportion and complete function, can also support LTE networks.

H900M really on hand try video have been sent out, pay attention to the users of the machine can be seen in advance.

(youku video source)

In the video is a native of H900M carry the Android 4.42 system, and exposes the machine information processor, H900M carrying 2 GHZ high frequency is the edition eight core processor, are expected to beMT6592High frequency edition, can support the 4 g network, the built-in 2 g RAM + 16 g ROMEight core + 2 gb memory, 2 g storage performance guaranteed, it runs from the video games, watch movies and other test can see come out.May be the reason for the engineering machine without optimization, the machine run only more than 15000 points, significantly lower than normal.


TCL H900M other equipped with 6 inches of big screen, resolution of 1080 p level, with 5 million + 13000000 megapixel camera, standard handwritten pen, and is likely to support wireless charging, and other functions.In particular and the design of the machine, equipped with 6 inch screen H900M measurements only 160.5 * 81.6 * 81.6 mm, screen of special.

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