Suspected iPhone rendering exposure 6-7 mm ultra-thin design-86DIGI

Perhaps with high attention and the sake of popularity, almost every day we can see the iPhone 6 related all kinds of rumors and fact.The iPhone 6 in allegedly taken factory front panel after exposure, and some in the BBS released suspected the iPhone 6 official rendering, only in the aspect of authenticity is unable to make an accurate judgment.

Suspected rendering exposure

Suspected iPhone rendering exposure 6-7 mm ultra-thin design-86DIGI

From the exposure of suspected the iPhone 6 official rendering, seems to be compared with the iPhone 6 many features of current leakage, such as was transferred to the power button on the right side of the fuselage, in order to convenient for the user control in hand, at the same time, in addition to the part on the edge of the fuselage orthogonal design in the past, has become a more rounded, as for the new design on the back of the signal, is to look more beautiful than in the past.

However, because this does not have the iPhone 6 on the back of the render graph display, so temporary not clear with hollow out design how apple Logo will have unusual features.Source at the same time also did not disclose any information related to the machine function specification, and also some netizens pointed out that the iPhone 6 rendering some of the suspects, including the default open bluetooth status did not appear, some details or save PS traces, and so on.

The 7 mm thin body

In spite of this, in the next release of the iPhone 6 official version should be in shape and the leak of rendering will not have too much difference, and according to the news outlets reported from the contract, the future of the iPhone 6 weight won't more light than the iPhone 5 s, but the texture will be more outstanding, the thickness of the fuselage is around 6.6-7 mm, between cameras would be slightly prominent, the flash from the past with flash, double flash into single micro modelling is oval.

Although the authenticity of the above statement cannot be confirmed, but at least in theJapanAmazon's website released the iPhone 6 part or is accordance with the specifications.Such as the machine will be equipped with a 4.7 -inch touch screen, and the size is 130 mm x 65 mm x 7 mm, weight is only 113 grams, this means that the iPhone 6 in touch screen size and cases, little change compared to the weight of the mobile phone in the past, and the fuselage is more thin.

Version 5.5 -inch delay

More unfortunately, however, 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 possible delay.Based on the famous KGI securities analyst ming-chi kuo, according to the disclosure of the 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 will still be released in the fall, but may delay to 5.5 inch version will come out next year, the main reason is that the version with the embedded touch screen panel production problems, and metal shell color is unevenly distributed.At the same time, the use of sapphire glass iPhone 6 cannot pass drop test.

At the same time, according to ming-chi kuo 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6 although met the same problem, but version 5.5 inch difficulties is more serious, the reason is that as the touch screen size bigger, a new embedded touch panel panel edge touch sensitivity related problems may arise, this need apple to overcome greater technical barriers.