Booking one hundred RMB 5.5 in eight nuclear pioneer

Pioneer of Pioneer electronics specializes in home audio, car audio, etc, these products more in the field of ordinary users are familiar with, although the early launch a few mobile phone at home, but the popularity is not high, with subsequent strategic adjustment, the Pioneer mobile phone product listed faster, with the aid of suning, Pioneer mobile phone started online, offline double penetration, slowly was known by the public.

Pioneer is the latest mobile phones K68W this year, early this month has been offline suning stores start booking, landing later online Su Ningyi purchase and sale, RMB 1399, suning is at it again a few days ago, began to preferential booking activities, as long as it is in user Su Ningyi purchase appointment, can enjoy preferential treatment in to reduce one hundred yuan, 1299 yuan.

K68W is an emphasis on design, audio-visual products, the machine main complete white version, front and rear chassis are pure white, complementary with metallic silver box design, in addition to the machine and the thickness of the thinner, the whole machine measurements is 150.0 * 76.9 * 76.9 mm, with popular square body modelling.

Video, the machine is equipped with a 5.5 -inch 720 p resolution whole joint screen, dual cameras have 5 million / 13 million pixels, the built-in PPTV ad-free version, also support dolby sound, above and also the key selling point, the pioneer K68W through hardware and software to enable K68W video performance get better.This article from MTK phone

In addition, the frequency of 1.7 GHz main eight core processor and 1 gb RAM + 8 g ROMMemory with Android 4.42, pioneer K68W daily running speed should be guaranteed, but the battery is not high, only 2100 ma, can support WCDMA/GSM double card double stay.

Pioneer k68W

Pioneer k68W

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