Phone won 2 generation listed soon after, meitu mobile partner look to build cars limited edition is also followed by listing the specifications of the racing version won't mobile 2 generally does not change, only the color collocation, related accessories is different, the price more better.Suppose the car version can get more boys love, then upcoming HelloKitty special edition is for female users of products.

The beautiful phone 2 HelloKitty special versions released-86DIGI

Most beautiful phone announced that its latest product 2 generations will push the new version, full name is the beautiful phone 2 HelloKitty global special edition, this time is still in its form, keep a standard configuration at the same time, the special edition will add more female elements in appearance.

Exposure of real machine photos show the special edition of the shell design, after HelloKitty version won't after the shell of mobile phone 2 turned white, the main camera edge of gold ornament, the most eye-catching part is at the bottom of the HelloKitty cartoon design, the younger sister paper is feeling "of meng da"?Compared to the standard version, joined the special edition of cartoon design the LOGO of the back to close to the camera position, other design and the original gap is not big, may be 146 * 67.3 * 9.6 mm measurements.

The beautiful phone 2 HelloKitty special versions released-86DIGI
The pictureSource: android in China

Core configuration, the beautiful phone 2 HelloKitty special version of the specification is not expected to change, will still be usedMT6592Eight core, 2 g memory, 4.7 -inch 720 p and double 13 million pixel cameras configuration screen, the beautiful mobile phone technology is take pride of skin care, of course, not less.

The beautiful phone officials have publicly listed will be released a new version of the time, HelloKitty special edition will be officially listed in 15th this month, the price might be more expensive than normal version.