Nubia galaxy photo by mobile phones in Beijing planetarium news hyped recently, with the east wind, Nubia in Beijing held a summer product launches, released every three major new products - Nubia Z7, Z7 MAX (3) follows and Z7 MINI 3 (calf), three product inherited the Nubian camera phones have been the main, netcom, features, and innovative features to join.

Covering the full release Nubian Z7 3, and 3, and the mavs-86DIGI

Three versions, Nubia Z7 is worthy of "king", this machine is one of the world's first double card double stay + full netcom, mobile, complete network system support is one of the machine core selling point, can be winner-take-all Z7 mobile/unicom/telecom three carriers in the 4 g / 3 g network, support/TD - LTE FDD - LTE/WCDMA/td-scdma/EVDO and GSM, and implements the dual sim standby, this function by a great number of early stage  Nubian fans.

Attention Nubia mobile phone users, is largely took a fancy to Nubia phone close to the abundance of SLR cameras, SONY IMX214 Z7 adopted 13 million megapixel camera, leading to 5 million pixels, supplemented by the latest NeoVision 4.0, in addition to independent metering/focus, white balance and metering lock, electronic aperture, and the original function such as super night, 4.0 NeoVision also joined the rapid capture, slow door photograph, depth of field prediction as well as the characteristics of orbital model 2.0, camera is very rich.

In addition Nubia Z7 core configuration is the highest in the three new product a, the machine with a 5.5 inch 2 k resolution Xia Pubing, support RAM since the refresh to reduce power consumption, carrying Xiao dragon 801 quad-core processors, RAM up to 3 gb, built-in 32 gb of storage space, about 9 mm thick, battery capacity reach 3000 ma, system is based on the Android 4.4 Nubia UI customization.Z7 also support NFC, infrared, gyroscope, etc.

Covering the full release Nubian Z7 3, and 3, and the mavs-86DIGI

Nubia Z7 Max name is bluffing, actually this kind of mobile phone of the specifications of the Z7 slightly less than some, is also a full netcom, mobile, in addition to support for TDD and FDD, winner-take-all 3 g network, and achieve the 4 g / 3 g network double card double stay, the pictures of the machine parts similar to Z7, carrying the same is 13 million pixels SONY IM214 main camera, has the rich picture mode.

Screen and memory is lower than Z7 Z7 MAX part, although Z7 MAX Xia Pubing or 5.5 inches, but fell to 1080 p resolution level, the memory size is 2 g RAM + 32 g ROMThe combination of.Processor, system and Z7 consistent, has the comprehensive sensor, does not support NFC.Design thickness is thinner than Z7 Z7 MAX, 8.7 mm, the battery is big 100 ma, is 3100 mah, but has much less width, the same size screen, Z7 about 71 mm wide, while the Z7 MAX of 76 mm, which is better or weak degree.

Covering the full release Nubian Z7 3, and 3, and the mavs-86DIGI

The final appearance of Z7 MINI is designed for ordinary users, obviously can be seen as Z5S MINI upgrade, Z7 MINI design is permeated with the breath of youth, is rich in color, design and fashion, the machine measurements is 140.9 * 69.3 * 69.3, belong to the thinnest one in three mobile phone.

Mini Z7 configuration of the lowest, equipped with 5 inch screen, a resolution of 1920 * 1080, built in 2 g RAM ROM + 16 g memory and 2300 ma batteries, carrying Xiao dragon 801 2.0 GHz quad-core processors.Surprisingly Nubian Z7 mini also adopted IMX214 13 million pixels front-facing camera, camera and 5 million pixels and still have all netcom + dual sim standby capacity!

Daniel 3 3 (Z7 MAX) and calf (Z7 MINI) will first began to make an appointment, the price is 1999 yuan and 1499 yuan respectively, and Z7 sells for 3456 yuan, temporarily not listed.