Lenovo entry-level products rich is generally accepted, the on-off always see lenovo assembly line down a large number of operators customized machine, price for hundreds of yuan, the mobile phone was natural to all kinds of high configuration electric business bombed a net friend.But this phone is a special today, the machine model for lenovo A358T.

1 g RAM/Android4.4 lenovo A358T kind introduction-86DIGI

Lenovo A358T rare built in the operation of the 1 gb of memory, it is light enough to make it in lenovo the entry-level products such as stand out there, before the product, priced at 600 yuan or so lenovo mobile few RAM 1 g products - in addition to cut down on the aircraft.The machine another selling point is listed will carry the Android 4.42 system, and is deep VIBE of custom UI, add a lot of features.

1 g RAM/Android4.4 lenovo A358T kind introduction-86DIGIThis article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

In addition to the above two outstanding points, lenovo A358T using 1.3 GHz frequency of the LordMT6582Quad-core processors, for 4 gb internal storage space, the screen size is enough for the mainstream, reached 5 inches, the level of resolution is FWVGA, another 300000 + 5 million pixels dual cameras, have LED light, battery capacity of 2000 ma.A358T design is not ugly, not "cheap machine" of the first impression, 139 * 71.9 * 9.95 mm measurements prove that the border control of the machine was good.

The mobile custom machine have been landed first offline sale, some of bare-metal version online merchants, with the lowest price is only 450 yuan, on the whole, lenovo A358T belongs to lenovo product introduction in the honest type, the pursuit of new users can consider.