Million phones this year comprehensive transformation, make electrical goods brand power line channel, the main brand is committed to long standby products, strategy is very clear.P series products, after million tong's blockbuster real flagship product, the phone isMillion tong thor(I9), the standard on the capacity of up to 5000 milliampere large batteries, become the one of the few large cell phones.

Million tong thor I9 ipo in the entity shop on June 20, the official of the market price of 2399 yuan, in order to facilitate online purchase, the machine has officially began in official day cat flagship store shelves, surprisingly, the thor I9 online price is expensive than the official price, need 2499 yuan.

Mobile phone battery life increasingly embarrassed now, a has a large capacity battery, beautiful design, configuration, decent smartphone is the dream for many users the right product, in the early learned information, hundred million tong thor basically meet the above requirements.The machine built-in 5000 milliampere large capacity polymer lithium battery, voltage of 4.35 V, support quick charge, at the same time built into the power-saving mode, in additionmediatekMTK6592Eight core processor for power control is also to force, this kind of mobile phone battery life cannot be discounted.This article from MTK phone 

Equipped with a 5.7 -inch 1080 p resolution of the screen $I9 size not exaggeration, 158.9 * 78.8 * 78.8 mm, combined with the weight of the battery is only 202 g, the machine shell after doing a special design, the left and right sides of the texture is able to bear or endure look.In addition, million tong thor + 16 g and 2 g RAM ROMMemory and 5 million / 13 million megapixel camera, based on Android 4.2 customization system, can support the td-scdma/GSM double card double stay, and joined the back touch function.

As tong's type of product benchmarking, thor I9 set nearly 2 k5 price not strange, but since already sold online, follow-up may have favourable activity.

5.7 inch screen/mah 5000 thor I9 online first-86DIGI