Yao yao da 4 g version was born to get to the Internet to soar

TCL have started to focus on 4 g in the market, many 4 g phones successively listed ahead, members belong to stand firm in the domestic second-tier suppliers, power is focus on the ambitions of the 4 g market is obvious.TCL launched early number 4 g product adopt the qualcomm chip, TCL will start next mass running MTK LTE solution of new products, the number is said to be very striking, coverage will be very full, as we already know the high-end modelsH900MP301M /, entry-level productsP331MAnd so on.

Gear in one thousand yuan price, TCL has prepared, latest news confirmed that early exposureTCL P728MReally will with yao yao da 4 g version of the full debut, at the same time, a new real machine photo spread to come out.

Models appear in the picture below is TCL new upcoming 4 g, 4 g networks under the machine the average download speed of up to 110 MBPS, and upload rate also have 28 MBPS, not surprisingly, this is mobile 4 g network speed test.In addition, the latest open real machine photos is similar to the style and yao yao da, positive this mysterious xinji for yao yao da 4 g version of the possibility is very high.

Is yao yao da 4 g version will also pick up 1.4 GHz frequency of the LordMT6592M eight core processor, has increasedMT6290LTE MODEM, realizes the LTE support, screen, memory, and other core configuration will not have too much change, with a 5.5 -inch 720 p resolution screens, 1 gb of memory and 5 million / 13 million pixel cameras, just the system update, will launch the Android 4.42 kitkat.

Reliable sources confirmed that the hardware configuration and without too much upgrade, only increase support for 4 g networks of yao yao da 4 g version is still the main performance, most likely is still below one thousand yuan, and the machine will be listed to meet with you soon.

Yao yao da 4 g version

TCL 4 g phone

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