In July 899 yuan shenzhou X50TS enhanced version 7

Shenzhou mobile phones first eight nuclear intelligence X50TS with 999 yuan price into the domestic market, although the price is still taking populist line, but the battery of the machine capacity of only 2000 milliampere much-maligned, therefore the shenzhou recently launched X50TS upgrade, increase the battery capacity to 2600 ma at the same time, the starting X50TS battery enhanced version of 899 yuan more than the standard version is more price advantage.

After sale for the first time at the end of June, the shenzhou X50TS enhanced version will be snapped up again, time by 10 o ‘clock on July 7, the sale is still necessary to make an appointment, to make an appointment after the success of the purchase coupons can get one hundred yuan, the original price 999 yuan of the enhanced version of $999.

The shenzhou X50TS enhanced version

Greater X50TS enhanced version in addition to the battery, the shenzhou ever listed products are basically for sale in an all-round way, in the official store to buy X series another eight nuclear machine – the X60, priced at 1299 yuan, is famous for its 2 g RAM E50 and W50T2 are also for sale, the price is 699 yuan and 599 yuan respectively, an entry-level H45 series as low as 299 yuan.This article from MTK phone

The shenzhou X50TS enhanced version

Power electricity channel is the key of the shenzhou, on the other hand, the shenzhou for physical stores has also recently introduced a 5 “new product”, respectively is T950 T850 / T845 / W960 / W980, these new products just changed a type, its predecessor is already selling products online, corresponding X50TS H45T3 / E50 S1 / H80 X60 five phone, change the type of the five “new” online are higher than many.

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